Bait Deals

Spod mix carp baitWe have consistently fed our Carp since 2013  on a combination of Boilies, Pellets and a cereal based particle mix (‘Spod mix’). We also made this ‘food’ available to anglers to purchase. As a result of the consistent feeding programme, supplemented by anglers baits and loose feed, the Carp across Cherry Lakes  have thrived and have put on weight.

Our intention is to continue to feed all of these baits and foods across all of the lakes in 2017/18 and continue to make them available for our guests. As always please bring your own boilies if you have some favourite ones which your have confidence in. However if you are not confident in your usual bait, you can be sure the Cherry Lake Carp are used to the boilies and bait below and that they are proven winners! Please note Shelf Life Boilies are banned from 01 January 18.

We require our guests to use frozen rather than shelf life boilies, as the shelf life boilies do not break down as well, are often of dubious nutritional quality, and I feel are not as good for the Carp. All of the Cherry Lakes boilies supplied are high quality frozen baits.

We will continue to offer a range of Cherry Lake boiles in 2017/18.   All of our Cherry Lakes boilies, which are made especially for us, are proven year round winners. They are made from high quality ingredients comprising of a mix of fish meal, bird food and milk proteins supplemented with enhancers, nutrients and subtle flavours. In short they are good for the Carp and the Carp love them!

The Cherry Lake freezer boilie range include two high quality year round winners which are based on a bird-food base. Notably ‘Dairy-Cream Delight’ and the ‘Mixed Fruit Delight’. Great baits which I have no hesitation in using. The ‘Supreme Fish’ is an excellent highly nutritious fish meal boilie which performed very strongly in 2017. We will probably add a second fish meal in 2018. These boilies will be available in multiples of 1KG and the better value bags of 2.5Kg.

We will continue to offer  matching flavour pop-up’s for the new boilie range which will have a range of different colours to try.This was a new innovation for 2017 which turned out to be popular with our guests.  This gives the angler plenty of choice in one tub and saves buying two!

We will continue to use the same high quality Carp Pellets with a mix of low and high oil content which the Carp really seem to love.

We will continue to make our high quality ‘Spod Mix’ available again in 2018. The mix will continue to be Wheat and Rolled Barley based, and also contain Hempseed, Maples, Sweetcorn and a bird conditioner. These well known food items will improve the attractiveness of the ‘Spod Mix’ to the Carp and keep them interested in the baited area for even longer. The ‘Spod Mix’ is also ideal for use in Baitboats. The Spod mix is not available between 1st November until 1 April once water temperatures fall beneath 10 Centigrade.

Pellets and Spod Mix are provided in returnable plastic buckets.

We will continue to offer  the 6KG of freshly cooked Hemp in buckets. For 2017 we are adding a 12KG bucket option which offers even more value. This can either come as standard or in Chilli,Garlic or Curry varieties. These must be pre-ordered.


Cherry Lake Frozen Boilies and Pop-ups 16-18mm. Three proven types to choose from
‘Dairy-Cream Delight’, ‘Mixed-Fruit Delight’  and ‘Supreme Fish’ Boilies  1KG -£15 2.5KG -£30 5KG-£55  10KG- £100
 Pop-ups (mixed Standard and Fluros) £10 per Pot
Mixed Carp Pellets 6/10/16mm.   4.5 KG bucket – £25   9.0KG Bucket-£40
‘Spod or Bait Boat Mix’* 8KG                              £30                                                      Contains Wheat, Rolled Barley, Hempseed, Maples, Sweetcorn and Conditioner provided in returnable sealed buckets). *Only available from 1st April to 31 October.
 Hempseed-Fresh cooked*               6KG – £30.  12KG-£45  Chilli, Garlic and Curry varieties available if ordered before you arrive.*Only available from 1st April to 31 October.   ^Pellets and Spod Mix is provided in returnable plastic buckets.
Cherry Lake DEALS* (Note * Cherry Lake DEALS are only available if pre-booked)
5KG Bait Deal. 5KG of’ boilies,  1 pot of Pop-ups, 4.5KG Bucket of mixed Pellets and 8KG of enhanced ‘Spod/Bait Boat Mix’ (from 1 April to 31 Oct) . Between 01 Nov -31 March Spod mix is replaced with a 4.5kg bucket of Hemp/Maples   £100 (Individually priced £125)If you want a bigger ‘deal’ please phone to discuss and agree a price.