Cherry Springs

view of kingfisher lodge across Cherry MereCherry Springs is a beautiful 1.5 acre tree lined lake which is available exclusively to anglers who book it’s Kingfisher Lodge .Cherry Springs is heavily stocked with some 450+Carp. There is a good range of Carp of all sizes as the Carp naturally reproduce in the lake. The majority of these Mirror, Common and occasional Ghost Carp are between 10-20lb. There are over 20+ Carp over twenty pounds, with more coming through all the time. The current lake record is 28lb and we expect  Cherry Springs to soon produce it’s first thirty soon as several Carp of this size are known to be present in Cherry Springs.

Cherry Springs also contains around 100 Tench, plus a good stock of  Crucian Carp and Roach. These fish can be caught, along with smaller Carp and Perch, by using float and match tactics from the deck of Kingfisher Lodge or along the bank.

Fishery manager Dave Bowen with the largest of the twenties stocked into Cherry Springs in November 2015 at 22-08

Fishery manager Dave Bowen with the largest of the twenties stocked into Cherry Springs in November 2015 at 22-08


In order to increase the chances of our guests landing a 20lb+ Carp,during the winter 2015/16, we introduced a further 10 Carp above 20lb to 22-08. These Mirror Carp are only 6 years old and are clearly fast growing fish. Our on going feeding programme should ensure these Carp continue to do well and grow within Cherry Springs.

Luke James with another cracking Cherry Springs Mirror of 18-08

Shaun Nunns 14-11 Common and Liam Wylde-10-06 Fully Scaled Mirror

Shaun Nunns (left) with a 14-11 Common and Liam Wylde (right) with a lovely 10-06 Fully Scaled Mirror

Cherry Springs is being developed to ensure the average angler should catch several Carp or more a day. The fish  will responds to most methods most of the time. Like all waters though it can switch off for a while! Reading the guest book in Kingfisher Lodge indicates that many anglers have frequently caught more than 15 Carp during their 3-7 day stay. A catch of 60 Carp over the week is the record! It is a particularly good winter water due to the stocking levels. Like all lakes though it can have it’s off days!

Unlike most of the lakes across the Cotswold Water Park, the Carp naturally breed in this lake. This ensures that there are always small Carp present and coming through. These smaller Carp can often be caught on ‘match’ style tactics. Ledgered worm, particularly when fished with a method ball or over pellet, can be a really good one for Carp of all sizes.

Fish care and safety is paramount across Cherry Lakes. An approach welcomed by all good anglers who want to catch high quality good conditioned Carp. All anglers are expected to follow any advice or requests from the fishery management concerning fish safety.

Keith Follen with a chunky twenty of 20-08 from Cherry Springs. The second of his three twenties.


All Lodges and the Cottage are provided with Carp Cradles, a 42″ Landing Net and a Weigh Sling,  so no need to fill up the car with these, and avoid the wet fishy smells on the way back from your holiday!  All Carp caught must be photographed over the Carp Cradle and returned to the water in the weigh sling. Please note that Shelf-life boilies are banned from January 2018.


Ghost Koi carp on Cherry Springs

With most of the margins at least three feet deep and being tree lined, the Carp respond well to float fishing close in as well more normal methods. On still warm days the Carp also respond well to surface methods. Watch out though for the bird life!

Cherry Springs also holds a very good head of specimen Perch up to close on 4lb and represent a good alternative to the Carp, particularly as the temperatures drop.We  have also stocked 200 Crucian Carp and Tench. These fish will no doubt do well given the excellent water quality and the on-going feeding programme. Over the coming years should give anglers a good alternative to fish for.

Maureen Sheppard 17-08-Common Cherry-Springs

Maureen Sheppard with her new PB, a very impressive 17-08 Common from Cherry Springs

Kingfisher Lodge has a large ‘double’ swim which has been covered in artificial grass and is very good to fish and sunbathe on. This swim can easily accommodate two anglers, and three at a push. Anglers can use three rods each up to a maximum of six rods. Three anglers would only be able to use two rods.

All of our guests to date have commented about how comfortable the ‘grass’ is and how much they have enjoyed fishing on it. Its great advantage over grass and other surfaces is that it is always clean, easy to walk on and good on the eye. See the pictures elsewhere on this page.

a kingfisher on Cherry Springs








Kingfisher Lodge got it’s name because of the regular sightings of this beautiful bird as it fishes in the lake as well as hunts along the River Churn, which runs behind the northern bank opposite the Lodge. Plenty of other species of bird are seen including Woodpeckers, Goldfinches, and Long Tailed Tits.

A 21lb 7oz mirror carp from Cherry SpringsWe have done everything we can to ensure Cherry Lakes is both very private and secure. We want you to feel safe and enjoy your holiday. There is only one access point to Cherry Lakes which is through the main 6 foot high electric gates. These gates benefit from security lighting and CCTV. The rest of the property is fully fenced, mostly with 6 foot high fencing which is topped off by barbed wire. There are numerous security lights around the property including on each of the Lodges. Given all we have done above we believe Cherry Lakes should be amongst the most secure of lakes to fish.


Alan Lee with a 3lb 13oz Perch from Cherry Springs. The biggest over several over 2lb.Dereck-Edwards-Cherry-Springs


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