Cottage Fishing

The Cottage swim commands the top quarter of Cherry Lake, is full of features and a real pleasure to fish.  The marginal shelves and deep gulleys to the right are very productive as is the far bank opposite. The central area of the swim has a number of plateaus and silt pockets, all of which have produced in the past.

Nathan and the Dufosee family with a 29-04 Common

Nathan Dufosee and the Dufosee family very happy with this 29-04 Common caught from the Cottage swim in the Spring sunshine.

The Cottage swim is a large and comfortable one which can easily accommodate two anglers fishing from bivvies.  Individual anglers can use three rods, but a strict limit of four rods applies.

In order to improve your fishing experience throughout the year we have invested heavily to make  this an all seasons swim.

The muddy and waterlogged grass has been removed and replaced with a combination of a large area of wood chippings for your bivvies and shelters plus a large area of Verde Grass from where you can cast and place your rod pods.

Phil Ewbank with Keith Fox and families.30lb Mirror May-14

Phil Ewbank with Keith Fox celebrating with their families Phil’s new PB of 30lb from the Cottage swim.


Gone also is the slippy muddy slope to your rods which has been replaced by an all weather path. This will keep you clean as well as on your feet!  The feedback from anglers fishing the Cottage swim has been excellent because they have enjoyed the comfort, dryness and cleanliness of the swim regardless of the weather. Please remember to bring your rod pods as the Verde Grass sits on a bed of concrete!

The Cottage swim offers a whole range of features to fish to including three long lengths of margins including over-hanging trees and marginal shelves. The open water also has some interesting features including plateaus, gulleys and a clay bar. In fact you are spoilt for choice!

 The Cottage swim is some 20 Meters from the Cottage itself. It is close enough to enjoy a BBQ on the Patio or a glass of wine with your friends or family. If you want to use the hot tub or watch the telly you will need to reel in. Night fishing  is only allowed where anglers are sleeping on their rods.

Mel Adams with an 18lb Italian Mirror