Cherry Lake Restoration Project

Restoration work starts on Cherry LakesCherry Lakes, started life as the Lake number 2 of the Cotswold Water Park. Originally one large gravel pit, also incorporating the neighbouring Wildmoor Fisheries, the individual lakes were created in the 1980′s when a series of bunds were driven across the pit to create three lakes including what is now known as Cherry Lake and Cherry Pool. Previously known as Rainbow Lakes, they were re-named in December 2011 when the property was bought by the current owners.

Rainbow Lakes was not run as a commercial venture by the previous owners. Several syndicates of Carp anglers over the previous 10-15 years enjoyed catching Carp from the gin clear waters of the heavily weeded Rainbow Lake.

After receiving planning permission to build four high quality lakeside holiday cabins, it became clear to us that the lake was in need of a fundamental ‘service’, and to do this we would need to drain Cherry Lake and get in some very expensive machinery to make some major changes.The principal objectives of the Lake restoration project were to:-

  1. Collect much of the silt, which had been built up over at least 50 years, into several key areas (now bank-side marginal shelves and two larger areas of shallows)
  2. Remove the extensive weed beds which makes fishing very difficult in the summer/autumn
  3. Create a number of deep holes up to 12 feet for winter Carp protection
  4. Create a large number of features to improve the angling experience

The restoration process continues

Over the course of 6 weeks in November and December 2012, over 50 million litres of water were pumped out of the lake, with all the fish being moved to the connected Cherry Springs. Two large diggers moved vast amounts of silt and other materials to create a very new topology for the lake bottom.

The project was not straight forward and we were very surprised by the amount of silt. We could now clearly see why the weed had been so prolific in the past. The high quality local water, the shallow nature of the lake, the silt, and the aggressive fast growing nature of the Canadian pond weed all combined to create underwater jungles. Without undertaking this massive project we are convinced that the Cherry Lake fishing experience into the future would have inevitably fallen short of what we are trying to achieve, thereby undermining our objectives of creating one of the UK’s leading Carp fishing holiday venues.

The final phase of the lake restoration project

As you can see from the accompanying photographs, the lake restoration was a real success.

We believe we have been successful in achieving the above objectives. Feedback from our guests throughout 2013 was extremely positive.  Time will obviously tell!
As well as the overall Lake map which can be seen elsewhere on this website, future angling guests will be provided with a detailed drawing of the features in each of the Lodge and Cottage swims.