Bait Boat and Tackle Hire

Angling Technics Technicat MK11 Bait Boat

We allow Bait Boats on both Cherry Lake and Cherry Pool. Whilst not necessary, we recognise that Bait Boats can enable anglers to fish in some places which they cannot easily cast to, as well as to concentrate your ground bait and other attractors around your hook bait. Simply put they can enable more anglers to have an even better holiday experience at Cherry Lakes.

Bait-boat-Tecnicat-mk11We recognise that not all of our guests own their own Bait Boats and have decided, as a service to guests, to offer Bait Boats for hire.

The Angling Technics Technicat Bait Boat is easy to use both during the day and during the night and will easily reach the far bank (if that is where you want to fish). The Graphic Echo Sounder is also very easy to use and shows clearly all the different features in the swim in front of you. On Cherry Lake in particular with all of the lake’s features, it is a real advantage.

If you want to hire the Bait Boat you must book in advance, agree to the conditions below, as well as completing and signing the Bait Boat hire agreement form on arrival.

Cost to Hire Fri-Mon Mon-Fri Week
Technicat Bait Boat with Graphic Echo Sounder £80 £95 £125


1. Bait Boat hire charges must be paid in full before use and a hire agreement form completed and signed.
2. Credit card details must be provided as a deposit with the following charges being made against the card:-
(a) In the event the Bait Boat is damaged by the angler, the cost of repair will be charged to the card.
(b) The full cost of £1343 will be charged to the card if the Bait Boat is not returned on departure.
(c) The replacement cost of any missing handsets, echo sounder or chargers not returned on departure will be charged.
3. The Bait Boat must be returned clean and in the same condition as you received it in. Charge for cleaning dirty boats is £25.
4. In the event that the Bait Boat breaks down through no fault of the angler, a pro-rata refund of days not used will be made. All faults to be immediately notified to Judith or Dave.

Rods and Reels.

A set of three Cherry Lakes special 3.25lb 12 foot Carp Rods which have been made especially for us by master rod builder Tom Pollard from Cotswold Rods. These rods are ideal for catching  Cherry Lakes bigger Carp and particular good if you are fishing the far margins and want to put some pressure on the Carp. In 2014 too many anglers lost Carp because they fished with soft or old rods which were not ‘man enough’ to stop the Carp from burying themselves in the weed. These rods really are the business and with their semi-fast action give the ultimate mix of playability, accuracy and distance.

The rods are supplied with the excellent Shimano bait runner Long cast XT-A reels which are ideally suited to these rods.

The cost to hire these rods and reels is for two rods £70 for Friday to Monday, £95 for Monday to Friday and £110 for the week. Add £25/£30/£40 for the third rod.

The new Cherry Lake rods made by Cotswold Rods
These 3.25lb 12′ rods from Cotswold Rods are perfect for landing the Cherry Lakes Carp

Rod Pods and Alarms

Several Rod Pods are available for hire if anglers have not got one, or have forgotten theirs! The cost of hire is £20 plus a £80 returnable cash deposit

Alarms (3) with a remote receiver can be hired for the duration of your stay for £30/£40/£70 (replacement cost £400)

Swingers can be hired for £20 if required.

Other Tackle

It may be possible to hire other tackle by arrangement where the Car is not big enough!  Eg Bivvy and Bedchairs for Cottage guests.

Rod and Reels to hire!

The Cherry Lake 3.25lb Cotswold Rods and Shimano Long Cast Bait Runners are a joy to use and ‘just the job’!