01.42 specials for Wayne Box!

Saturday 1 April 2017

As mentioned in my last update Wayne Box spent a few nights in Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake earlier this week. He did well to land four Carp during his visit including the 26-02 Mirror and 22lb Ghost Mirror pictured below.

I was particularly pleased to see how well the larger Mirror has done. This large framed Carp was only stocked in November 2016 at 22-04, so over the last 5 months or so she has put on some 4lb in weight. I think she still loves the pellets!

I am always grateful when our guests send us their photos. We often miss seeing the Carp, particularly when they are caught at night. Wayne took photos of both sides of the Carp which helps me identify them. I am particularly grateful to Wayne because he also sent me a detailed catch report, some of which I have repeated below. Thank you Wayne and see you again in June.

”All of our fish fell to Sticky Baits Manilla 12mm boilies tipped with fake yellow corn to help negate the weight of the hook, on a simple blow back rig, comprising of 8 inches of Thinking Anglers Tungskin hooklink, no knotted to a size 8 Korda Wide Gape barbless hook with a short shrink tube kicker to help the hook catch hold. I fished this on a 60cm length of Korda Dark Matter tubing and a lead clip arrangement holding a 2.5oz square pear lead.

I made use of a bait boat and fished at 90 yards close to the far margin, searching out the firmer areas but due to the cold water, avoiding the obvious gravel spots. Bait for the trip was a mix of crumbles 12mm Manilla boilies, sweetcorn and red maggots, in just two nights I went through 4 kilos of boilies, 2kg sweetcorn and 5 pints of red maggots. I had read that the fish were waking from their winter slumber and this mix has always done well for me at this time of year before.

Ironically the two bigger fish both came at 1.42am on the first and second nights! Obviously the fish like to feed at 1.42am!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to listen to the fishery manager Dave. He put me onto lots of areas the fish like to visit, of course it is still down to us, the angler, to catch them!

We have booked to come back in June to a different lake and lodge on the complex,that is testament to what Mike and Judith have created here at Cherry Lakes, ably assisted by Fishery Manager Dave, nothing is too much trouble and if you are coming to stay here I have following pieces of advice for you:-

1) Listen to Dave and you will catch more!

2) Sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings, it is a stunning place!

3) Chutney Indian restaurant deliver from Cricklade, the food was amazing!

4) If you can get access to one, take a bait boat, they are invaluable. Cherry Lakes hire them to you if you need one.

5) Make sure you read the rules before you come, all of them are common sense rules and have the fishes welfare at heart.

If you are visiting Cherry Lakes soon then you are in for an absolute treat.We cannot wait to come back and stay in Kingfisher Lodge in June! ”

Wayne Box March 2017

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