Jamie Knowles. 32-08 Common

Cherry Lake keeps producing 30's...running total for 2019 is now 30 x 30+'s!

Three anglers share 4 x 30's this weekend

We have just had an amazing weekend on Cherry Lake, and in particular for Dean Knott in Grebe Lodge, and ...

We have just had an amazing weekend on Cherry Lake, and in particular for Dean Knott in Grebe Lodge, and George Kosmetos in Osprey Lodge who shared a 28 Carp catch! The biggest Carp of the weekend however went to first time visitor Jamie Sharp who stayed in Heron Lodge. ...

16 Jul 2019

Leigh-Ann Campion with her new PB, a spawned out Common of 22-08
It is not all about Cherry Lake!

The other lakes have also been pleasing their guests with several new PB's!

16 Jul 2019

Leighton Cockcroft 35-03
Leighton Cockcroft land 7 Carp with an average of over 30lb!

Amazing catch includes 3x 30's to 37-02

13 Jul 2019

John Carrington with his UK PB. 'The Patch' at 41-08 from Heron Lodge
John Carrington lands 'The Patch' at 41-08

Big male Common is the 3rd different Cherry Lake 40lb+ Carp out since October

7 Jul 2019

Jason Booth with his 31-08 PB from Osprey Lodge
Three more Cherry Lake thirties

Jason Booth's Common is our 24th different 30lb+ of the year.

3 Jul 2019

Lee Jackson with a 31-08 near Leather Carp from Grebe Lodge
Tackle Box duo both land 30's.

Ex-British Carp Lee Jackson record holder catches a thirty on his first visit

2 Jul 2019

Kevin Lane 2-04 Crucian Carp from Cherry Springs
Kevin Lane lands 5 Crucian Carp over 2lb from Cherry Springs

....I fall foul of the curse of the commentator!

25 Jun 2019

Stephen Martin 30-03
The water is too wet !

.....and cold!

20 Jun 2019

Mike Houghton sets season best with a 40-04 Mirror

Mike becomes the first angler to land 4 x Carp over 30lb in one visit!

15 Jun 2019

Stephen Martin 34-01
Two more 30's from Cherry Lake

Stephen Martin's 34-01 Mirror is another new thirty!

11 Jun 2019

Andy Watts. 32-08
Andy Watts brace of 30's

The Rose family all have 20's from Cherry Springs

5 Jun 2019

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