12 year old Jack Beardmore shows Drew how to do it!

Sunday 18 February 2018

At this time of the year, even though it is cold, the Carp will feed if they can. The great thing about our smaller waters, is that you are never too far from the Carp. So when the Carp feed you have a chance. On the bigger Cherry Lake you have to be more precise in location as well as having your bait in the water at the right time.

The smaller lakes around the Cherry Lakes complex have all produced fish this week despite the lakes being partially frozen on several mornings. The Tracker team who were trying to do a photo shoot of their new products in several days of cold monsoon weather, I think managed 6 to 15lb from Cherry Springs. Cherry Pool also gave up about a dozen Carp to it’s first time anglers too. However this week’s pride of place goes to the Beardmore family.

Traditional Carp angling thinking is not to bait heavily in winter. I think you will find the Beardmore story interesting to see how much they fed and how important fishing at the right depth was.

The Beardmore’s were on their first visit to Cherry Lakes this week having decided to spend ‘half-term’ in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere.

As you can tell from the photos below they had a very successful trip and left very happy. They obviously did very well despite the cold conditions early in their week. 12 year old Jake is clearly very keen and out fished his Dad Drew. He was suffering so much early in the week, (and this was the first I knew), that Drew had to get Jack a new winter fishing all in one. He could now spend more time on his rods in comfort!

I asked Drew for some information on his week, as I have been away from Cherry Lakes for the last seven days. He came back with a detailed report and some nice comments so I have taken the liberty of reproducing it below. I have also included a photo of the feed they were using…..it almost make you want to be a Carp!

”Jack caught 9 fish for the week:- 20-00; 8-00; 21.15; 13.13; 6.5; 5.8; 17.17; 18.13 and 18.00. Not bad for a 12 year old!

All the rigs he tied himself, comprising of a size six wide gape hook, hook link was soft  N-Trap stripped at the hook passing through small tubing to line aligner, finished at the other end with an anti-tangle sleeve.

Fishing to the opposite margins, most of his bites came from the marginal shelf in 3-4 feet of water. We got them going by feeding quite heavily given the time of the year getting through some 10KG of pellets, 10KG of 10mm CC Moore live system frozen boilies and 5KG of Sweetcorn (see photo below).

Both of my fish (Drew Beardmore) came to the middle reeds. Initially I was fishing on the bottom of the ledge in 7 feet of water following the fishery managers suggestion. After a few blank days I also switched to fishing the shallower ledges at around 4 feet and I immediately got a lot more action.

We thoroughly enjoyed our week. We loved Pochard Lodge and the proximity of the Lodge to the Lake. This was perfect for fishing with the family. The Lodge was immaculate and lovely and warm with good WiFi. The local village (South Cerney) was great and we enjoyed the local pubs. The lake was very well kept and the fish are stunning and hard fighting.

It was our first time here, but we loved it so much we will come back again later this year! Congratulations guys on running such a professional, friendly establishment. First class “

Thank you and well done to the Beardmore family and I hope to meet you all next time!

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