21 Carp from Cherry Springs and a 32-08 Mirror

Tuesday 19 June 2018

As promised in my last update, I am leading this update with news about Richard Mascall’s excellent weekend in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Lake. Richard along with his wife Michaela are regular guests who really likes Cherry Springs. He is looking forwards to his return visit having caught 21 Carp this weekend!

Richard does not use Baitboats. What he does do is to bait heavily with boilies. A successful tactic on Cherry Springs given the large number of Carp. Once you get them looking for a bait in an area and competing amongst themselves, regular action can be expected.

Richard fished our Cherry Lakes ‘Dairy-Cream Delight’ boilies. Given Cherry Springs is our siltiest lake we prefer to feed the birdood based boilies rather than the fishmeals. A practice which Richard was aware of.   After every bite he would re-bait his swim with 40-50 boilies. As you can see from Richard’s list below, which shows the time the Carp were caught as well as their weights, he caught 17 Carp over 10lb including two twenties, a Common of 20-08 and a Mirror of 21-00 (pictured below)

Richard Mascall’s list of captures showing weights and times from his excellent weekend in Kingfisher Lodge.

Another one of our regulars is Ken O Connor who has been visiting with his wife Rosemary since 2014. Ken has not caught one of thirties for quite a while. As you can see from the photo below, he recently has caught a cracker from Heron Lodge. He has now taken his personal total of Cherry Lake 30lb+ Carp to 5, with the landing of this lovely 32-08 Mirror pictured below. Cherry Lakes Supreme Fish boilies doing the trick.

This is the first time this particular Carp has been on the bank in 2018 and takes our running total of different Carp over 30lb from Cherry Lake to 14. I was very pleased to see her.

Well done to both Richard and Ken.

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