A very nice Cherry Mere Common of 24lb.jpg

23lb and 24lb beauties from Cherry Mere

Mike takes advantage of an empty Pochard Lodge
Saturday 23 March 2019

I rarely get the chance to fish Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere in the Spring and when I do it's often great. The lake is full of good quality Carp which are frequently active, both bubbling and leaping. With the improving days of Spring it really is nice to just sit there and watch the leaves start to open up on the trees and the reeds start to grow, as well as the Carp moving around. You can also catch some nice Carp like these two pictured below, which were caught over a few hours earlier today.

A lean long Cherry Mere Ghost Common of 23lb.jpg
23lb Ghost Common Carp

The biggest was a 24lb Common Carp which appeared well fed. The Ghost Common of 23lb was much leaner and slightly longer. With a good feed or two, this Carp should be comfortably over 25lb. The photo of the Ghost Carp being released is an interesting one. As well as the normal Golden colours I think I can see bits of blue. Can you?

We have several opportunities for late breaks this week. You can take advantage of the good weather forecast as well as spend time on one of our exclusive lakes. The following are currently available:-

Monday 25 to Friday 29 March. Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs.Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool

Monday 01-Friday 05 April. Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere

Please call 01285 869887 if you are interested.

Ready to go back. 23lb Cherry Mere Ghost Carp..jpg
Ready to go back. 23lb Cherry Mere Ghost Carp
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