26lb Mirror is a PB for Dan Phelan

Sunday 5 February 2017

The big storm promised for Friday night did not materialise much to our disappointment. Evidently it hit northern France. Instead we got a frost which was absolutely not expected!

The Carp did at last however start to make an appearance with Stuart London and Dan Phelan in Heron catching one Carp each.  Stuart landed a nice 12lb Mirror (one of the Carp stocked in the autumn) on Friday night with Dan going one better on Saturday evening with a new PB 26lb Mirror. They were both delighted to have caught on their first visit. They have promised to return.  Both of the Carp came about 3 hours after dark and were caught on Maggots.

Dan kindly sent me some photos of the Carp (the biggest was stocked in Nov 2015 at 21lb) but for some reason I cannot get them to be included in this post. So no photos of a lovely distinctive Mirror. Very sorry Dan. So instead I have included a photo of the 27-02 Common which was caught by Rob Chapman on 07 Feb last year.

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