30lb Ghost Mirror sets new best for Cherry Lake

Friday 8 May 2015

Our good friend Ken O’Connor had Cherry Lake all to himself this week and is fully exploiting the conditions from Heron Lodge. Unbelievably he  caught 20 Carp during his stay (and lost 5). Of these some 15 were over 20lb+. An excellent ratio and reflective of the fact that Cherry Lake has some 150 Carp above this weight.

The first Carp which Ken landed this week has set a new Ghost Carp record for Cherry Lake with his 30-02 Ghost Mirror. This magnificent lady was last out at 28lb. She is the 16th different Carp to be caught from  Cherry  Lake over the last year, and further evidence that the fish are thriving on our on-going feeding programme.

I have been expecting our first 30lb+ Ghost Mirror for some while. Interestingly I expected it to be either of the two fish (one a Common the other a Mirror) last out at over 29lb to be the first over this weight. I suspect these fish will be pushing 32-33lb if caught soon. Three 30lb+ Ghost in one lake is something we are very proud of.

Cherry Lake has produced 3 Carp comfortably over the 30lb barrier within the last week. Trevor Henshaw’s 34-07 Mirror last Wednesday was followed by Ady Blythe’s new lake record, a 40-04 Common at the weekend. I was watching the Carp in the shallows last weekend and it is clear that many of the Carp are up considerably on last year. If the ‘Broken Mirror’ is caught in the next 4 weeks, we might even extend the lake record even further as she looks very heavy. time as always will tell.

I am not sure of the weight of the other Carp in the photos below (20lb+), but I have included the photo because this Carp is a stunner.

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