Cameron Brannaghan 33-02 L

A 33-02 Fully scaled Mirror on 03 January gets us off to a good start.

Happy New Year to you all.
Wednesday 3 January 2024

Just a short update largely to wish everyone a very happy healthy and prosperous new year, and to hope that the 'Carp Gods' look down favourably on us Carp anglers in 2024.

We have now almost finished all our heavy work around the fishery. Without the non-stop monsoon like torrential rain, we would have finished by Friday. I suspect we might drift into early next week as a result of some rain delays. I am very much looking forward to a rest.

It is good to see we have a few anglers starting the new year on the fishery. The very wet but mild and windy weather has certainly encouraged the Carp to be active across the complex. Active Carp are catchable Carp.

Cameron Brannaghan has managed to squeeze in a few days between training sessions and games. This morning around 08.00 and less than 24 hours into his visit, he had this lovely fully scaled Mirror at 33-02, pictured above. A very fine Carp to get 2024 off to a good start. Hopefully we will have more to report on over the next few days.

Cameron's Carp was some 3lb heavier than when caught by John Haddingham last April.

Yours truly with a lovely winter Mirror of 39lb from Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake

We have had a couple of other good Carp caught recently, including this 39lb Mirror above, and 'Apple Slice' at 38-04. Unfortunately (or very fortunately for the fish) this lovely Carp was a 'trailer', so it does not really count (and hence no photo). It was great to recover about 40 meters of line and a very dodgy almost bent barbless hook! Interestingly, 'Apple Slice' did not appear in my 2023 30+ catalogue. She will do in my 2024 one, even if she does not do so here!

The Mirror Carp above also showed some impressive weight gain being 4lb heavier than when caught by Harvey Chamberlain last Spring

I think Lodge fishing really comes into its own during the winter. Our Lodges are the best winter bivvies' in the world! Where else can you be fishing in the warm and be entertained during these cold days and long winter nights? The Carp are also at their prettiest and are heavy during the winter. In short I really like winter fishing (especially this side of Christmas) and I am always a little disappointed that we are not as busy as I think we should be.

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