A brace of thirties to Danny March

Friday 15 September 2017

The anglers at Cherry Lakes had another good week with the slowly cooling temperatures and lowish pressure providing great Autumn Carp fishing conditions. The fish certainly appear to be enjoying the start of their ‘Autumn Munch’.

On Cherry Lake the Carp continue to feed well with the anglers in Heron Lodge and the Cottage doing very well.

Pride of place goes to Danny March who was on his first visit to Cherry Lakes with his friend Adam Jennings staying in Heron Lodge. They shared a 4 Carp catch, with Adam catching a lovely fully scaled Mirror of 21lb and a perfect 23lb Common.  Adam was particularly delighted with the Common as it was his first Carp for over 18 months (the rods having been ‘stuck in the rod holder’ during this time).

Danny also caught two Carp, amazingly both of these were thirties. He joined the Cherry Lake 30+ club initially with a Common of 31-04 on Tuesday which was followed on Thursday by a 30-09 Mirror. A great brace and a good trick….two carp…two 30′s! Both of these fish were last caught in the Spring at broadly the same weights and looked in great condition. Fish meal boilies fished with a few pellets was the successful approach for them both. They are now checking their diaries to see if they can get back again this year. I have said to Danny that he has set himself a ‘high bar’ and will really have to go some to get three thirties in one session. Mind you it is possible because Paul Sillence did this whilst fishing the Cottage swim in May.

David Barter and Tracey Davidson had a good time in the Cottage landing 5 Carp, four of which were over 20lb including this lovely 23-08 Mirror by Tracey. I have to say how impressed I was by the way that Tracey handled this Carp and posed with it for the photos. I am not being sexist when I say a lot of our male guests could learn from her.

Just to prove how well the Carp have been feeding recently. Having not been seen for months ‘The Peach’ has come out again, this time at 27-14. Needless to say David was delighted to catch this fantastic Carp. She still looks great as you can see below.

I am getting an increasing number of enquiries from prospective visitors looking for an availability calendar. I am sorry but our administration system does not facilitate one. We are looking into it. However, I have listed below some of the dates which are available to the end of October. As always please call 01285 869887 to book.

22-25 September. Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake

02-06 October. Heron Lodge on Cherry Lake

09-13 October. Heron Lodge on cherry Lake. Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool

13-16 October. Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake. Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool

20-23 and 23-27 October. Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake

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