A good week ahead of spawning

Friday 26 May 2017

A good week across Cherry Lakes as the Carp have got ready for spawning. A total of 20 Carp were landed to 29lb were caught by the Cherry Lake anglers.

Top rod on Cherry Lake this week was Paul Parker in Osprey Lodge who landed 7 Carp in just over two days before deciding to reel in when the Carp started spawning on Thursday morning. Boilies over pellets if I remember correctly proved to be irresistible to the Carp for Paul. His fishing partner Paul Murphy, also fishing from Osprey Lodge had a further 3 Carp. A productive visit by anyone’s standards. The biggest Carp of their week was  the 27-12 Mirror pictured below.

Paul Parker was pushed hard by Karl Lockey in Heron Lodge who also had 7 Carp to 29lb. Paul fished all week but was sensible where he fished and concentrated on open water away from margins where the spawning Carp tended to concentrate. I have included a shot of Karl’s 27-08 Ghost looking Mirror.

David and Graham Kirk who were returning guests spent the week in Pochard Lodge. A tale of two halves. The first part of the week was very productive with Carp to 18lb to David and 25-08 to son Graham (pictured below). The Cherry Mere Carp were the first to start spawning on Tuesday which resulted in things slowing up considerably for the pair. They also sensibly fished the middle to avoid the Carp spawning in the middle.

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