A new holiday PB for me!

Monday 14 September 2015

As some of you will have noticed there has been ‘radio silence’ from Cherry Lakes for the last two weeks. I have been on holiday….fishing of course!

Firstly an update on Cherry Lakes. The fishing has continued to be very difficult and slow on Cherry Lake, Dave tells me that although we have had a few lost fish over the last ten days, the Carp appear to be feeding on naturals and are steering away from boilies. He has seen the Carp feeding aggressively in the silt as well as bubbling and rolling around the lake. As I said in my last update, we need a storm or a shift in conditions to kick the Carp into their normal autumn feeding mode. Fingers crossed that they will start this week.

The other lakes have all been producing steadily with both Cherry Mere and Cherry Springs reporting 20lb+ Carp. The only photo that I have is from John Hacker who caught at the weekend  this very nice Mirror of 20-06 from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs below.

I hope you don’t mind if I indulge myself and share with you a photo from my holiday to Canada. I was lucky enough to get a ‘pass out’ for a week’s Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River in British Columbia Canada. Here the fishing for the White Sturgeon is world class.

I was accompanied by my good friend Phil Fry, of Angling Technics fame. We had a fantastic week and luckily timed our trip to coincide with a period when the bigger Sturgeon were feeding hard. We shared an amazing haul of 35 Sturgeon with a total weight of 5309lbs. Of these we had 8 fish over 200lb with a further 4 over 300lb. These fish really put up a fight and regularly leap ‘Marlin style’.

My biggest Sturgeon measured 97” long (eight feet one inch ) and had a girth of 40”. At 314lb she is a new PB Sturgeon for me. The fight lasted 45 minutes and I was exhausted at the end of it. I am pleased to confirm she swam off strongly afterwards which is more than could be said of me! I hope you like the photo below of my Sturgeon. I also hope you like the Cherry Lakes branding with both the guide and myself wearing a Cherry Lakes polo Shirt! If anyone is interested in Sturgeon fishing in Canada then let me know and I will try to point you in the right direction.





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