A sorry tale and lots of Carp.

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Dave Bowen our fishery manager is away on a much deserved holiday (fishing of course!), which means that I am trying to cover for him. Hence I am a little late on this update. We also did not have any photos that I could use from last weekend, more of this below.

First one of my periodic rants. I would say that 95%+ of our angling guests are respectful of the rules, other guests and most of all the fish. This weekend we had one of those guests who make me despair. Ignoring the relentless wandering off the rods (there was another angler with him to be fair) and irritating other guests, and their day visitors which we were not informed about in advance; I was staggered to receive a photo late on Sunday of a cracking 29lb+ Mirror. Not because he had caught one, but because it was photographed on the upper deck (which is not allowed) and without a Carp Cradle. The only protection provided to the Carp when it was no doubt laid down to be picked up was the weigh sling. I just pray this lovely fish was not dropped and it went back in good condition. I won’t say any more here but you can imagine how appalled I am to see ‘my babies’ being treated in such a thoughtless cavalier fashion. Needless to say this individual will not be allowed back at Cherry Lakes again. Rant over!

Cherry Lake has continued to fish steadily over the last couple of weeks. Not easy, but the fish are there to be caught by the anglers who both work at it as well as apply the right level of patience.

Greg Harwar, moved from the Cottage to Grebe Lodge last week and had his best ever ‘bag’ on Cherry Lake when he landed 10 Carp to 26lb. Angling couple Vicki and Phillip Cartwright initially struggled for the first few days of their trip in Heron Lodge, but finished the end of their week with a bang. Both Vicki (21lb) and Phillip (29lb) caught personal bests. Unfortunately the photo of the 29lb carp was not very good (very frustrating to me as I had promised to pop round and photo any good ones…..and it was caught at 4pm in the afternoon!). Hence two 29lb+ Carp this weekend which I have not been able to publish.

Stuart Crafer and Dawn Lambert are first time visitors to Cherry Lakes and have been staying in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. In the first 48 hours Stuart has landed 25 Carp, mainly doubles to 23lb (see picture below). Stuart even let Dawn cast one of his rods and she soon hooked and landed her first ever Carp, a Common of 14-04 (also pictured below). Not a bad start! Both have been very pleased with their holiday break so far!

Malcolm and Sylvia Williams have been staying in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool and have been catching lots of Carp and Bream and are very happy. As was Kevin Dryland who left on Monday having caught over 40 Carp to 18lb. Cherry Pool is amazing if you want action or catch a wide variety of species.

Caroline Tighe and Steven Wallis are having agreat time on Cherry Mere landing Carp so far to 22lb. I will include their story in my next update which hopefully wont be too long as Dave should be back this weekend.

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