Allen’s 23-08 Koi like Ghost Common saves his week!

Friday 18 September 2015

Well the early Autumn struggle goes on across the Cotswold Water Park, frustratingly goes on. The Cherry Lakes complex is no exception.

The main Cherry Lake continues to be much more difficult than normal, with just 5 Carp landed and several lost. The biggest of these was caught by one of our regular guests, Allen Long, fishing in Grebe Lodge. This particular, Koi-looking Ghost Common Carp, below came out at 23-08 and was a very welcome Carp. Not only was this fish quite special but she saved a week long blank!

The other lakes were a little out of sorts, although with Pochard Lodge having a ‘week off’ and the anglers in Kingfisher and Egret Lodges not fishing of  a night, it is hard to say if the fish were not feeding or they were simply feeding when the anglers were sleeping?!

We need a good storm and a drop in temperatures to get the Carp clearly into their normal good autumn feeding spell. Surely this will happen over the next week or two?

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