Andrew Hartley lands the ‘Leather’ at 33-04

Saturday 15 August 2015

Andrew Hartley who fished this week in Grebe Lodge leads the way with this latest update. Andrew fished in Grebe Lodge and managed two Carp during his mid-week stay including the male Leather Carp at 33-04 caught from underneath ‘Dave’s tree’ in the rain. I am sorry I don’t have a photo of Andrew with his new PB. This time I am to blame as he did try to call me but I did not hear the phone!

As this is such a fantastic fish (which has been out three times this year) and it was caught from underneath ‘Dave’s Tree’, I thought I would re-run a photo of fishery manager Dave with the male Leather earlier this year also at 33-04.

Anglers also caught from the Cottage, Heron and Osprey Lodges this week averaging broadly one run a day. A typical average for this time of the year. Of the 9 Carp reported by these anglers 6 were twenty plus to 24lb.

Cherry Spring has been very moody for the last 10 days or so. Given the number of Carp in the lake it becomes much more difficult than it should be. At times like this it does pay to ring the changes (why not fish boilies made from pellets or pellet imitation over pellet; or smaller boilies for example) as they are obviously feeding on naturals. I also think, the Carp in Cherry Spring are mainly feeding in the early hours. If you choose not to fish at these times (and why not if you are on holiday!), then you are unlikely to catch them.

Cherry Mere dd spring back into action this week. Our good friends Dave and Julie Reynolds loved their stay in Pochard Lodge. Dave caught 18 doubles over 12lb including 4 over 19lb+.  As you can see below, Dave was very happy in the rain!.

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