Andrew Panes. 30-06L.JPG

Andrew Panes lands Cherry Springs first 30+ Common.

Aaron Williams sets a new PB with a 38-08 Mirror from the Cottage swim
Thursday 15 September 2022

I will start this update with Cherry Springs as Andrew Panes has this week landed our first thirty pound Common from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. As you can see from the picture above, it was a real cracker, which is also easy to identify. It was Andrew's first ever thirty and sets a new PB for him. Fruity boilies did the trick for Andrew.

Andrew's Common comes hard on the heels of Gavin Martin's new lake record, a Mirror of 35-02 (see update on 05 September). It is good to see some good Carp coming through and getting caught on Cherry Springs.

Marie Fearn. 18-08.jpg
Marie Fearn with a Cherry Pool Mirror of 18-08.

Marie Fearn enjoyed her second visit to Cherry Lakes last week when she stayed in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool. Marie did well and caught over 40 Carp (from memory) during her stay including this 18-08 Mirror below. I have to say that I thought the Carp looked much bigger than the reported weight (this does not often happen!). Another Cherry Pool Carp which should easily put on a few pounds as we reduce the competition from Bream for food etc. From memory our Dairy-Cream boilies did the trick for Marie.

Aaron Williams. 38-08
Aaron Williams with his 38-08 Mirror from Cherry Lake Cottage

Fishing on Cherry Lake has slowed down over the last two weeks since the more changeable weather has arrived. Strange because conditions to me have been ideal? It just goes to show that not all Carp have read the text books and don't know how to classically react to the weather conditions! Whilst it has been slowish, some good Carp are being caught.

The biggest since my last update was caught by Aaron Williams fishing from the Cottage swim. This 38-08 Mirror was a new PB for Aaron. I was very pleased to be on hand to weigh and photo this Carp. She was in great condition and fighting fit. This Carp is a new addition to the 2022 catalogue. She was last caught by Vince Jewitt almost a year to the day at 35-08. A 3lb year on year weight gain looks very healthy and ideal to me.

The best looking big Carp over the last week was caught by regular Roger Sparks fishing from Osprey Lodge. At 32-04 she was a real cracker. This Carp was last caught in May by Jason Barnes when he had her at 30-06. Again a good weight gain over the summer. Roger caught 4 Carp during his stay, all on fishmeal boilies.

Roger 34-07 8.jpg
Roger Sparks with a stunning Cherry Lake Mirror of 32-04 from Osprey Lodge

Brett Lockyer followed Aaron Williams into the Cottage swim. His 32-08 Common pictured below was a PB for a very pleased Brett. His Common picked up his bait from the near margin just off the decking in front of the house.

As always a big well done to all the anglers featured above.

Brett lockyer 32-04.jpg
Brett Lockyer with his new PB. A 32-08 Common from Cherry Lake Cottage
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