Andrew Watt’s amazing brace of 30′s from Heron Lodge

Monday 4 June 2018

I mentioned in my last update yesterday that Andrew Watts told me on arrival that he has a knack of catching big Carp on his first visit to a lake. True to his word he landed a 32-04 Mirror from Heron Lodge on Saturday night. By catching this particular Carp, which had not been caught so far in 2018, Andrew joined the 30+ club.

Well as you can see below Andrew repeated his trick on Sunday evening, when he landed an even bigger Carp…..a Mirror of 38-04. What a brace of Carp. Even more remarkable for the fact that these were the’only’ two carp that he caught! Both of Andrew’s fish came on the Cherry Lakes Supreme Fish fished snowman style. Unfortunately Andrew struggles to hold the Carp and the poses are not as good as for some other anglers. The pictures do however still show two beauties!

As well as receiving his 30+ club membership polo shirt on Sunday morning, Andrew was also presented with his 35+ club Sweatshirt on Sunday evening. The first time this has happened. Needless to say Andrew was delighted with both of his thirties, and particularly so the 38-04 Mirror as it was a Personal Best. Very well done Andrew. See you in July!

This magnificent Carp was last caught last July by Dave Reynolds at 35-07. This time she was carrying a reasonable amount of spawn, confirming my view that most of the bigger Carp are yet to spawn.

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