Andy Bolt baits heavily to score on Cherry Lake

Sunday 10 April 2016

Cherry Lakes were reasonably productive last week, which is quite a contrast to this weekend when the heavy hailstones showers and over night frosts  combined to cool the water did nothing to encourage the Carp to feed.

Andy Bolt last week led the way with 7 Carp from Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake including four over twenty pounds. The biggest was a 27lb Mirror. He also caught this attractive 18lb heavily scaled Mirror below. Andy baited heavily with about 20KG of boilies to clearly get the Carp looking for the bait.  I am often surprised by how little bait many anglers pit in. These anglers are then surprised why they have not caught. Several kilos really does not go far in a day let alone over a 3-4 day session. When you factor in bird life, weed etc, if you want the Carp actively looking for, let alone competing for your boilies, then it is clear most anglers are not putting enough in. Given that each swim offers about 1 acre of water, why not bait heavily in one area? You can still fish off these areas until the Carp move in and get feeding.

James Hawkins who was on his first visit to Cherry Lake landed four Carp from Grebe Lodge. His key to success, once he had worked it out with a helping hand from Dave Bowen the fishery manager,  was to feed steadily along the far reed line and fish very close in. The twenty pound Mirror  below was James biggest fish and was photographed by  Dave Bowen. 

This weekend has been very slow to date on Cherry Lake. As mentioned above the very heavy showers of hailstones and cold frosty nights is holding back both the Carp as well as the new leaves on the trees! Hopefully we will get some warmer weather soon!

Terry Thacker in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool has managed several good doubles from Egret Lodge so far this weekend. Much more interesting (to me at least!) is that he has caught the first Crucian Carp of the year on a float rod from close in. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the little beauty which Terry thought would be around 1-08. He has promised me a photo if he catches any more!

Shaun Hales staying in Kingfisher Lodge is catching on Cherry Springs and has landed some 7 Carp to 22lb, including this lovely Mirror of 22lb  pictured below. This Carp was one of the ten new twenty plus Carp stocked in the winter and is clearly doing well.

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