Andy Pickering does it again. A new PB Ghostie of 27-08.

Sunday 26 March 2017

Andy Pickering is one of our guests who has visited us about once a year since we opened in 2013 and has always done well. In the past he has landed ‘The Peach’ as well as landing a 30lb+ Common.

He was very surprised to turn up this weekend to find he had the lake to himself, but of course very pleased to have done so. He has done very well so far and he still has 24 hours to go.

Andy has been staying in Heron Lodge with Katie and their new son Jack. Jack is a lovely baby boy weighing in at around 17lb  (you will understand the reference to his weight as you read on!). Andy took fishery manager Dave’s advice and switched on Saturday morning to Maggots over pellets and to date he has landed three Carp including this stunning Ghost Mirror of 27-08. He also landed an impressive Mirror of 23-08 also pictured below.

As you can see the ‘Ghostie’ looked fabulous in the sunshine and very golden in her full winter colours. I have struggled to identify this Carp in my photo log (we upgraded the home computer recently and I may have lost some files). So if you recognise her, please e mail me and let me know when she was caught and at what weight?  As regular followers know we had at least two Ghost Carp over 30lb+ caught from  Cherry Lake in 2016  and this was the not either one of them.

An early, but strong contender, for my favourite photo of the year is this fantastic photo of Andy with the Ghost Mirror and his son Jack in the Carp cradle. What a shot! I am sure Andy and Katie will treasure this particular photo over the years to come. Me? I would have it placed over my mantle piece for everyone to see!.

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