Andy Watts. 32-08

Andy Watts brace of 30's

The Rose family all have 20's from Cherry Springs
Wednesday 5 June 2019

As I am away for a few days, with no one to write the updates, I thought I would run a story now in an old-fashioned 'breaking late news' way!

Andy Watts, who has become a regular over the last year, has been staying in Heron Lodge this week. He booked this week in Heron Lodge to 'celebrate' the anniversary of his first visit when he landed a 38-04 and 32-02 Mirrors. After only 48 hours of his latest visit, this already seems like an inspired decision as he has landed two further 30's. This time, amongst a four Carp catch to date, he has landed a Common of 32-04 (see below) and a Mirror of 32-08 (see above).

Successful tactics for Andy has been fishing near the far reed beds using bright Orange fruity pop-ups over a mix of Spod and pellets. One particular spot I believe has so far accounted for all his action.

Andy Watts. 32-04 Cherry Lake Common from Heron Lodge
Andy Watts. 32-04 Cherry Lake Common from Heron Lodge

I am pleased to report that both of his 30's came at very sociable times (which means I did not have to get up in the middle of the night!),with both being caught conveniently in the early afternoon. Andy's first fish was the 32-04 Common. This particular Carp was caught just over 3 weeks ago by 'Tommo' Etchell at a similar weight.

The second Carp was a lovely 32-08 Mirror. She was, I am delighted to say, another new thirty for us as well as being the 16th different Carp over 30lb being landed this year. A very nice brace of thirties indeed. Well done Andy. Let's see if you can have one of the big girls before you leave.

Joshua Rose playing a  Cherry Springs Carp from the decking of Pochard Lodge
Joshua Rose playing a Cherry Mere Carp from the decking of Pochard Lodge

The Rose family had a good weekend in Pochard Lodge and shared a 10 Carp catch, with each of Dad (Kit) and sons Ethan and Joshua all landing 20's. Both Kit and Ethan landed personal bests. Ethan's Ghost Common below is particularly impressive which is pictured below. Kit also sent through several great atmospheric shots, one of which I have squeezed into this update above and below. Joshua did most of the work conscientiously for the Rose team, spodding out a combination of Spod Mix, Pellets and boilies. Thanks for the photos and well done to all the Rose's!

Joshua Rose playing a  Cherry Springs Carp from the decking of Pochard Lodge
Ethan Rose with his new PB, a 20-02 Ghost Common from Cherry Mere
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