Andy Watts lands 6 x 30's to 39lb from Heron Lodge

Roger Sparks 41-10 Mirror is our 8th different 40lb+ of the year!
Tuesday 30 May 2023

We have had a run of thirties over the last week or so. The Cherry Lake Carp are heavy as they build up to spawning. As I write there is some spawning activity on Cherry Pool. The Carp have been 'at it' for a few days, as have the Carp on Cherry Springs. I suspect we will still have some more spawning activity on these lakes over the next couple of weeks.

The Carp in Cherry Lake and Cherry Springs have not yet spawned. I am unclear if the cold north-easterly wind which has accompanied the sun for the last ten days has been enough to 'put them off'. It could be that the blue dye which we put into the lakes results in them waiting longer? I will keep you updated.

Andy Watts. 39-02 L
Andy Watts with the biggest of 6 x 30's caught this week, a 39-02 Common from Heron Lodge.

The fishing on Cherry Lake has been good for those anglers in the Lodges, whilst being a little slow in the Cottage. Since my last update we have had 12 different 30's caught from Cherry Lake including a 41-10 Mirror, our eighth forty of the year.

Regular Andy Watt who has been fishing in Heron Lodge has been leading the way with 11 Carp so far including 6 over thirty pounds. His biggest of these was this 39-02 Common pictured above. For my money the 33-08 Mirror pictured in the lead photo above (a classic Cotswolds looking Carp) was the most impressive

Roger Sparks. 41-10 R
Roger Sparks with our 7th forty of the year. A 41-10 Mirror from Osprey Lodge

Another regular, Roger Sparks returned this weekend to Osprey Lodge with his wife Sue. I had literally just walked into the village with Judith for a 'Shandy or two' when the phone went. Sue was on the line saying Roger had caught a big Carp over 40lb+. Sue kindly came and picked me up. On the scales it went 41-10 and was the 8th different forty plus of the year.

Similar to Cameron Brannagan's capture of 'The Pretty One' last week, this particular Carp had also been on the 'missing list' since September 2021 when it was caught by Wayne Poole at 40-04. Funny how two Carp which have proved elusive have come out close together. I presume the pre-spawning urge to feed has been enough for them to let their 'guard down'?

Roger caught 4 other Carp during his stay, which as well as the big one, included a 33-08 Common.

Paul Mitchell with a 30-04 Ghost Mirror from Grebe Lodge
Paul Mitchell with a 30-04 Ghost Mirror from Grebe Lodge

The bank holiday weekend brought the regulars out in force, as Paul Mitchell also caught in Grebe Lodge. Paul landed 5 carp over the weekend including a 32-04 Mirror and this lovely Ghost Mirror above at 30-04. This Carp was last caught by Aaron Hayden-Jones on News Year Eve, when it was also caught at 30-04. At the time this Carp was a new thirty for us.

With so many big Carp caught over the last weeks, and hopefully a good few more as they build up to spawning, I have had to work hard to keep my 2023 30+ catalogue up to date. The running total now is 54 different carp over 30lb+ including 8 x 40lb+.

Roger Hammond. 31-04 L
Roger Hammond with a 31-04 heavily scaled Mirror

Last, and certainly not least, Roger Hammond fished in Grebe Lodge last week. having blanked on his last visit. He was determined to catch this time. I am delighted to report that he did and he broke his PB twice. He landed a 33-04 two-toned Mirror and this stunning heavily scaled Mirror of 31-04.

Well done to all above and thank you for your on-going support of Cherry Lakes.

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