Andy Watts. 40-06 R

Andy Watts lands his second 40lb+ of his session

Oliver Wells gets in on the action too with a 31-07 Common
Monday 11 March 2024

Andy Watts is having one of those sessions. The Carp have clearly woken up and are moving around. With just two anglers on lake (Andy and Oliver Wells), they have half of the lake each and have certainly sussed out where to present their baits.

Andy so far has landed two 40’s, three 30’s which included fish of 39-02 and 38-08, and a further 4 20’s. He has caught from several locations including from mid-water as well as the far side. Andy says he is getting through a lot of pellet fishing small pop-ups over the top.

I am always pleased to get a late call and to be told about a big Carp in the net. So last night around 21.30 I shot around to Heron Lodge to see this stunning Linear Carp pictured below. I did not recognise this Carp which went 40-06 on the scales.

Andy Watts. 39-00 L
Andy Watts with another cracking Mirror Carp. This one weighed in at 39-02 and was caught from Heron Lodge

A careful review of my 2023 catalogue confirmed that this Carp did not feature. I found it however in my 2022 catalogue where it was held by David Knock who had caught her in October 22 at 36-10. So a new 40+ for us.

So far this year we have had 4 x 40’s caught, two of which are new ones (they did not feature in the 2023 catalogue which recorded 15 different 40’s). All of the bigger 40’s have yet to show, and judging by the Carp we are seeing they are all up in weight. Indeed as we get into the April to June period the Carp will put on more weight and get heavier still as they build up to spawning.

Oliver Wells with a stunning 27-06 Common from Osprey Lodge
Oliver Wells with a Common of 31-08 from Grebe Lodge

Oliver Wells arrived in Osprey Lodge late last week. If it was not for Andy Watts, he would be the lead story as so far he has landed 6 Carp to 31-08. Andy whilst catch a few more has also ‘had the rub of the green’ in terms of finding the bigger Carp.

As I have said to Oliver and other anglers before when the Carp are clearly active, keep catching and the bigger ones will come. Watch this space. Well done both.

Despite this great fishing the next few weeks on Cherry Lake are very quiet. I find this hard to understand as this is my favourite and most productive time of the Carp fishing year. As I mention in my last update there are some offers in place. So if you like a good deal as well as a great place to visit, give me a call on 01285 869887 or email me at

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