Steve Keen with his first thirty from Cherry Lake. a lovely 31-08 Mirror

Anglers melting but fish feeding in the heat!

We are filling up for next summer.....regulars please be aware.
Saturday 15 August 2020

I am glad the weather has broken and we have lost that run of days with the unbearable temperatures of 30C+. The water has been like bath water and no............ the bigger Carp on Cherry lake did not spawn and a good number of them will now carry/reabsorb their eggs until next year. With the heat, stillness and thunder of the last week we have had all he aerators on full blast 24/7. I suspect the national grid had to turn on another power station just for us! I have to say that I am always glad we have plenty of aerators and pumps, and with electricity supply around most of the lakes for conditions like this. It helps to keep the Carp (and me) less stressed which must be better for their health.

I also think it helps keep the fish feeding. I am pleased to say that just about all of our guests went away happy this week with all of our lakes producing.

2lb Roach.JPG
Stuart Crafer with a fabulous 2lb Roach from Cherry Springs. Nice!

I will start with Cherry Springs first. The fishing for regular guest Stuart Crafer and his partner Dawn was certainly better in the darker hours, with the Cherry Springs Carp moving to a night and early morning feeding pattern. He was pleased with his return, from memory, of 14 Carp including several 20's to 26-08, pictured below. Given the slower days he took the opportunity to fish for some of the other species in the lake (notably Tench, Crucian Carp and Roach). The most impressive of these was this Roach of 2lb which was weighed in a plastic bag by fishery manager Dave. Very nice indeed and well done Stuart. On the basis of his success and that of his friend Steve Keen who was staying in Osprey Lodge this week (see further down), Stuart has booked to return next year and give Cherry Lake a go!

With the widespread concerns about how long the Coronavirus pandemic will continue and the safety of foreign travel, we are experiencing high levels of bookings for 2021 and are on track to be fully booked for next summer before the end of this autumn. Whilst this is great for us, I am concerned that our regulars and past guests do not wait until their normal times to book and ,if so, will probably miss out. So if you are thinking of visiting us next year please let us know. For past guests we are also reducing initial deposits to 25% if you are booking for dates in May or later.

Stuart Crafer with a 26-08 Mirror. Most of the Carp caught this week was at night!
Stuart Crafer with a 26-08 Mirror. Most of the Carp caught this week were during the night!

As mentioned Stuart's good friend Steve Keen was fishing in Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake. Steve and his wife Donna are real friends of the fishery,and are amongst our oldest guests who have been visiting us regularly since 2014. We always look forward to their visit. Unfortunately Donna could not make it this year because their Dog was very sick and had to stay at home. She did however insist that Steve come along as it was too late to cancel. I am not sure how much Steve enjoyed himself, as he was worried about Donna and his dog. He did however manage at last to catch his first thirty from Cherry Lake in the shape of this lovely heavily scaled Mirror of 31-08 pictured in the lead photo above. He previously joined the Cherry Lakes 30+ club with a 32-08 Mirror from Cherry Springs.

This Carp is a new 30+ for us this year. She was first caught by Tom Nixon-Taylor at 30-03 a month ago. I guess this means she likes the heat and has been feeding well! Well done Steve and I hope the Dog recovers.

Paul Sparks with a 31-04 Cherry Lake Mirror from Heron Lodge
Paul Sparks with a 31-08 Cherry Lake Mirror from Heron Lodge

Paul Sparks and his wife Anne are also long term regulars and have been spending a week's holiday in Heron Lodge on Cherry Lake. Up until Friday Paul, landed 4 Carp including one of 29-14 and this 31-08 Mirror pictured above. This particular Carp was last caught by yours truly during the lockdown at a similar weight. Well done Paul and you still have the weekend to go!

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