Another 30+ Carp with no photo!

Saturday 4 July 2015

Please forgive me for starting with this update with a ‘mini rant’ as I am very frustrated.

This week we had the third consecutive thirty plus Carp caught which was not witnessed by either Dave Bowen the fishery manager or myself or had a decent photo taken. This was possibly equally disappointing  for the guests concerned as all three of these captures were new personal bests.

Just to be clear, both Dave and I are more than happy to come and see any 30+ Carp at any time of the day or night. There is almost always one of us at Cherry Lakes, and when we are not it is probably because we are close by at the pub! Please do not hesitate to call us or even knock on the door.

Without decent photos we are unable to identify the Carp properly and give a proper update of the Carp’s progress. We also cannot tell which Carp are being caught. In future we will put in the Lodges our ‘emergency numbers’, so there will be no excuses for at least not calling.

This week was to be fair was more understandable, as Kevin and Keith in Heron Lodge, landed their 30-04 Common at 04.00. They were concerned not to worry me. What they did not know  was that I was up at 3am helping another guest with a Swan which had become tangled in his lines! The 30-04 Common was accompanied by a 27lb Mirror (another PB) and two further Carp for Keith and Kevin during their stay. Well done to you both.

Cherry Lake has fished well this week despite the heat. A good post coital feed I think! Altogether some 18 Carp were landed and a good few lost. Three other Carp over 25lb were landed including a Common of 27lb and this Mirror of 26-12 below to returning guest John Little in Grebe Lodge below.  This particular Carp was caught on Special Red.

We only have four Lodge booking periods left across Cherry Lakes until the end of August, two of which fall in the next two weeks, notably Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake (10-13 July) and Pochard Lodge  on Cherry Mere (17-20 July). if you fancy a weekend break and a last minute deal, please call on 07545 495881.

Cherry Spring also produced this week with 25 Carp, mostly doubles.  landed to 16lb (the bigger Carp just as in Cherry Lake remain very visible but illusive) by the Sheppard brothers.

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