Arthur is the ‘Kingfisher’ in difficult conditions

Sunday 9 October 2016

Arthur Cundiff has led the way this weekend in some difficult conditions. Since last weekend the water temperature on Cherry Lake has fallen by 5C. A combination of the recent easterly winds and the first light frost of the autumn plus high pressure  of c.1030mb are not the sort of conditions known to turn the Carp on!

Arthur has had four Carp this weekend from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs including these two lovely Mirrors of 21-12 and 15-04 below. Small boilies cast with a small PVA bag doing the trick. Classic fishing for one Carp at a time tactics.

All of the lakes has been slow all week given the conditions with just a few caught from each of them. Neil Swandale fishing Grebe had the biggest of four landed from Cherry Lake. This was a night caught Mirror of 25-11 pictured below.

I must say we are looking forward to the first couple of storms of the autumn. We cannot help feel that a ‘good blow’ which really ‘turns the water over’ will be really good for Carp fishing.

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