At last! Cherry Lake turns on.

Sunday 11 October 2015

I am very pleased to say that the Cherry Lake carp have at last begun to feed on anglers baits this weekend with eight Carp, including 7 over 20lb+, being landed by Sunday afternoon. The steady drop in water temperature seems to have triggered the Carp out of their ‘late summer holiday slumber’ and they are beginning to feed up for the coming winter. We have our fingers crossed that the next few weeks will see some of the bigger 30lb+ Carp on the bank.

Of the eight Carp landed this weekend, 6 have been caught during the hours of darkness. The majority of the Carp coming to small pop-ups.

Ben Faulkner staying in Grebe Lodge with his wife Katy, is the top rod landing four to date. His biggest was a cracking fully scaled Mirror of 28-04 which was followed by a 23lb Mirror, both caught on Friday night. Unfortunately the photos are not great. Fortunately I was around on Saturday night and was able to photograph this lovely 25-06 Mirror below followed by this stunning Leney Mirror Carp of 22-08 on Sunday morning. Both of these fish already look like they have got their winter colours on! Well done Ben.

Lenny and Ben Staff fishing in Osprey Lodge also landed one each on Saturday night. Son Ben landed a delightful Fully Scaled Mirror of 15lb, followed in the early hours by Dad Lenny with this Mirror below of 26-02. Both were very pleased when I saw them this morning and they have their fingers crossed for tonight.

The anglers on Cherry Springs fishing in Kingfisher Lodge have landed 12 Carp to 15lb as this lake also shows some signs of returning to form.

We have a small number of vacancies in both October and November. So with the fish turning on, if you fancy a late visit give me a call on 01285 869887.

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