August cancellation and availability.

Sunday 26 July 2015

We are getting a lot of (disappointed) calls for August availability, so I thought I would start this update with news of an August cancellation and availability. We do not keep lists of people wanting news of a cancellation, as it is fairer to advertise them on our website and Facebook pages on a first come first served basis.

We have just received a cancellation for Grebe Lodge for the weekend of 21-24 August.

We also have Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake and Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere available for bank holiday Monday 31 August to 04 September.

We had some good catches reported last week. As previously reported Darren Allain led the way in Osprey Lodge with ‘The Patch’ at 31-08 as part of his 5 Carp catch. Phil Philpott also did well in Grebe Lodge landing 7 Carp including 5 20′s to 24lb.

Our guests in Pochard Lodge also did well landing 14 Carp including two 20′s of 21-08 and 20-02. As I don’t have any photos of these other Carp, I thought I would re-run a picture of ‘The Patch’ as well as a picture of Ken O’Connor with a fantastic 30-02 Ghost Carp caught earlier this year.

So far this year we have had at least 8 different Carp landed over 30lb. We have also had 4 other Carp landed over 30lb which have not been witnessed by Dave or I and are without good photos. Possibly two of these where caught for the first time, but without being sure I am reluctant to report 10 different thirties this year.

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