Ben Kirk gets it right!

Friday 16 June 2017

Ben Kirk has just set a new record for the number of Carp caught during his recent week long stay in Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake. Amazingly Ben landed 24 Carp which is getting on for 10% of the population of the bigger Carp in the lake. Ben has been staying with his Mum Vanessa, wife Claire and baby son Ollie.

With most of the lake’s Carp spawning some two weeks ago the fish, and particularly the male fish, have been on the feed. With the weather heating up, Ben caught most of his Carp between 21-00 to 09.00. He used a Bait boat to consistently keep feeding several places throughout his stay. The successful approach required the use of pellets, crushed Krill boilies and sweetcorn, over which he fished a high visibility pop-up.

Ben landed some 11 twenties in his catch of 24, the rest principally being upper doubles. The biggest fish of the week was the 29-06 Mirror pictured below. This fish was one of a minority of Carp which has yet to spawn (see below), as the majority of the Carp landed by Ben were ‘very flat and hollow’ and were probably their lowest weights of the year. I have also included a shot of Ben with Ollie and a 20-02 Mirror. As regular followers of my updates know I like these shots. Although I was unable to persuade Mum Claire, to let Ollie be photographed in the cradle with a Carp (Andy Pickering style!).

The irony of Ben’s record capture, coupled with Paul Bradley’s 5 carp to 26-04 from Osprey Lodge, is that both Heron Lodge and Cherry Lake Cottage have been empty this week and the fishing has been good.

Some of the Carp on both Cherry Lake and Cherry Mere this week have been spawning again this week. We are hoping that the hot weather which is forecast to last until at least Monday will see the minority of Carp who have not yet spawned ‘do their business’ over the next few days. I would like to say thanks to both Ben and Paul who sensibly pulled their rods in for the 4-5 hours on Thursday morning when the spawning carp were most active.

Gary Owen fished in Pochard Lodge this week with his Dad Robert and Mum Pauline (he had cunningly worked out Cherry Lakes is half way between him and his parents and a great place to meet up!) The fishing was a little slow, but they shared 7 Carp to 21-00, including this stunning Mirror of 21-00 below.

Finally, several of you have said is was helpful highlighting any vacancies over the next 4-6 weeks, so I have listed them below. Please call 01285 869887 if you want one of these!

26-30 June. Pochard Lodge on Cherry Springs (this is next currently available 25 September)

26-30 June. Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake

03-07 July. Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake

10-14 and 14-17 July. Heron Lodge on Cherry Lake

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