Bethany Orr lands her PB from Cherry Springs

... and she gets a kiss!
Sunday 24 February 2019

Bethany Orr has been fishing in Kingfisher Lodge with her partner James Rangeley this weekend, and when I saw them this morning Bethany had a particularly big smile on her face.

Whilst checking in on Friday, Judith said to Bethany that lady anglers often do well and out fish their male companions. Now given Bethany is also 6 month pregnant and was fishing with 6 foot rods, we suspected there would be some sort of alignment of the stars…and it proved to be the case.

Between them they have landed 6 Carp this weekend, with James having four of them. This morning though, in the heavy mist, Bethany caught a fabulous Mirror Carp of 25-02. A new PB! As you can see the Carp is in great condition, which evidently the same could have been said about the other ones caught. It is also good to see how well and confidently Bethany was holding the Carp and I loved the self timer ‘kissing shot’. Well done to you both.

Callum Longland has been fishing in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere this weekend. Feeding a combination of the Cherry Lakes Dairy Cream boilies and Hempseed, he has had 8 Carp so far this weekend including two of 21-08 and 20-08. The 21-08 Carp came during the night, whilst the other 20 was much more sociable putting in an appearance during the day. As you can see below this was a stunning Carp which Callum looks well pleased with. Top angling!

I have taken the opportunity to get my rods out with my good friend Chris this weekend as Cherry Lake continues to be very quiet. The first time for me in nearly two years! Whilst it is clear that the Carp are starting to move…they are enjoying the sunny afternoons. The high pressure seems to put them off. That’s my excuse as we have not yet even had a pick up!

With March just around the corner, and a few more anglers on Cherry Lake, I am looking forwards to the first 30lb+ of the year.

Bethany Orr with her new-PB a 25-02-Mirror
Bethany Orr with her new PB. A delightful 25-02 Mirror Carp
Bethany and James celebrating
Bethany and James celebrating her new PB
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