Dave Shaw. 35-10 R

Beware booking scammers. You can only book direct.

Dave Shaw lands a Ghost Common of 35-10
Monday 3 April 2023

Unfortunately I have to start this Latest News posting talking about fraudulent activity by scammers. Last week I was made aware of a Facebook scam. Evidently an 'Emma Hewitt' was advertising a heavily discounted price for a space in Pochard Lodge this weekend The post had cleverly cloned a number of photos from our website and invited those interest to message them. As soon as we became aware we posted a Facebook message indicating this was a Scam!

Ironically the Scammer picked a date when Pochard Lodge was already booked. Something which could easily have been checked through the Availability section of the website. We now have our fingers crossed that we do not have a 'scamming victim' turn up only to be heavily disappointed and nurse a real financial loss.

Just to make it crystal clear, and our regular's know this, the only way to book a holiday at Cherry Lakes, including the Cottage, is by dealing with us directly. We do not use agents or holiday cottage/accommodation websites. Bookings are also not transferable. Any adjustments or cancellations can only be made by us.

Jacob Dewick with his PB and the new Cherry Pool lake record. A 29-08 Mirror Carp
Jacob Dewick with his PB and the new Cherry Pool lake record. A 29-08 Mirror Carp

On a more positive note we have had some good Carp being caught this week including a 29lb Mirror Carp to 12 year old Jacob Dewick from Cherry Pool. This capture sets a new lake record for Cherry Pool. This capture is the first of the bigger Carp stocked during the winter to be caught. Given we stocked three 30lb+ Carp, hopefully this is not a lake record which will last for too long! Well done Jacob who as you can see was very pleased with his capture

Cameron Brannaghan with one for the future. A real beauty at 10-04
Cameron Brannaghan with one for the future. A real beauty at 10-04

Dave Shaw returned to Grebe Lodge and made a good start by opening his account with the lake's biggest Ghost Common Carp at 35-10 which is photographed in the lead photo above. A small yellow wafter doing the trick for Dave. He followed this up with a 32-12 Mirror caught towards the end of his session.

As many guests and followers of this Latest News page, we are fortunate enough to have our own stock pond. This is linked to Cherry Lake by a pump and return pipe ensuring a regular inter-change of the water between the pond and lake. Every year I hand pick around 15-20 Carp in the 5-9lb range for stocking into Cherry Lake. This policy ensures we constantly have a steady stock of younger Carp coming through, as well as replacing any that naturally die. Indeed I believe we are now at the point that any Carp caught under 20lb is one which we have 'home-grown'!

I really enjoy seeing these hand picked beauties (I normally select by body shape and scale patterns) as they come through. I was therefore very pleased when Cameron Brannaghan kindly sent though this photo of a cracking 'Italian shaped' Mirror of 10-04. I think Cameron was almost as pleased to have caught this lovely Carp as he was the three different 30's during his last trip. Imagine this one as a 30lber!

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