The big Carp keep coming!

Five anglers share 7 x 30's this week
Thursday 19 May 2022

Cherry Lake's run of form has continued over the last week. Indeed since the last update on 12 May, a week ago, 5 anglers have caught a 30lb+ Carp amongst a total of some 30 Carp caught. Top rod in terms of Cherry Lake Carp caught has been regular James Morris who has landed 12 Carp from Heron Lodge. Somewhat surprisingly (and arguably unlucky) his biggest so far is a 29-04 Common. I think he has probably latched onto an area frequented principally by younger male Carp, who are no doubt 'scoffing' whilst dreaming about the spawning activity ahead (to quote a phrase....'that takes me back!').

Gary and Tim Hockham have returned again this May and have had a fantastic stay in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. So far they have shared 26 Carp to 26lb. They look happy and tired! Sorry no photos.

Malcolm Dix. 34-06 R.JPG
Malcolm Dix with his fabulous 34-04 Common from Grebe Lodge. We hope you like Dave's Blue Flagged Irises!

My favourite shots of the week have been of regular Malcolm Dix with a beautiful Common of 34-04 (see photos above). As well as being a fantastic Carp expertly presented by Malcolm, I just love this shot because it shows off so well one of our recently planted beds of Blue Flagged Irises.

Talking about new plants and flowers, fishery manager Dave, also planted a huge number of Daffodils and Tulips, which have been commented on by almost all of our guests over the last couple of months. Unfortunately this fantastic display has all but finished now. In case you missed them, I hope you like the photo of Dave's hard work below.

See if you can count the Tulips in this photo (clue....there is a lot!)

Malcolm's successful bait for his big Common, and for his back-up Common of 29lb and a 28lb Mirror, being small yellow pop-ups over a mixture of feed. Regular fishing partner Alan Collier has also landed three 20's using similar tactics as they both fish from Grebe Lodge together.

Gary Hutchins with a fantastic 33-02 Fully Scaled Mirror
Gary Hutchins with a fantastic 33-02 Fully Scaled Mirror from Osprey Lodge

Gary Hutchins returned to Osprey Lodge this week hoping to repeat his amazing feats of last year when he managed a brace of 40's ('Dick' at 48-04' and 'Ruby' at 41-08) along with a 38-08 Common. See my post of 15 May 2021 for full details. So far his visit has not been as dramatic but he did land this fabulous Fully Scaled Mirror at 33-02, pictured above. This lovely Carp was caught earlier this year in the winter by James Morris so is not an addition to this years catalogue.

Another couple of long term guests Craig and Mandy Brown were staying in Osprey Lodge last week. Craig managed a few including an impressive 34lb Mirror. This Carp 'missed' last years catalogue, but is in this one, and has not been seen since caught by Charlie England in February 2020. Unfortunately the photos do not reproduce well enough to include here.

Chris Hughes. 34-04 R.jpg
Chris Hughes with a Mirror of 34-12.

I was lucky enough to be able to follow Richard Hadingham (see last update) into the Cottage this weekend as no one had booked it. In fact as I watched Richard have such a good hit, I remember saying to him to 'leave some for me'.

I even invited my close fishing buddy, Chris Hughes, to join me for a bit of a social. In short we did really well, particularly on Friday when Chris caught this cracking 34-12 Mirror above (caught earlier this year by Neil Ash)and I landed this 30-06 Common below. At first I thought my Carp was a new thirty for us. I did however find it in the 2020 catalogue, when it was caught at a similar weight by Charlie England also in February 2020.

Very strange that we should have two rarely caught Carp, which both last appeared in February 2020 to the same angler, being caught again in the same weekend. There must be a phrase for this......but I don't know what it is!

MTK. 30-06 R.jpg
Mike with a distinctive 30-06 Common. The last time this appeared was in February 2020.

On Saturday morning I managed to beat Chris up by at least 10 minutes, early enough to make sure my rod pod was strategically positioned on his side of the swim (well he had caught more than me on Friday)! My only carp of the day came quickly within half an hour. At 36-04, this is my biggest Common from Cherry Lake and despite the early hour (as demonstrated by the fact that I don't look like I am awake!), I was delighted to catch her. This fish is a further new entry into the 2022 catalogue and brings our running total to 36 different 30's in 2022 caught so far in 2022.

Apologies for the indulgence of appearing twice in one update. However as both of these Carp are appearing for the first time in 2022, I felt obliged to do so (honest)!

We are still waiting for many of the big one's to make an appearance including 4 of the 40's+ from last year and 'The Pretty One' which if caught over the next few weeks could easily go 40lb+. Very exciting!

MTK. 36-04 R.jpg
Mike with my biggest Common from Cherry Lake. A 36-04 cracker
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