Big Carp week on Cherry Lake

'Dick' comes out early at 45-04 and 'The Peach' at 33-04
Monday 13 September 2021

A good week on Cherry Lake with 7 Carp over 30lb being landed and a total 'haul' of 12 Carp landed. It is not happen very often that all Lodges plus the Cottage all produce a thirty, but this was one of the week's where they did! Given these catch results I have focussed this update on Cherry Lake.

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The biggest Carp of the week went to Alan Roberts who was fishing from Grebe Lodge. He was fishing with fishmeal boilies on the shallows and picked up a total of 6 Carp, including two over thirty. His first Carp set a new PB for Alan at 31-08. See the picture immediately below. This lovely fully scaled Mirror continued the recent run of new first time thirties for us, 4 of which have been heavily scaled/fully scaled Mirrors. Alan joined the 30+ club as our 230th member.

Alan Roberts set a new PB with this 31-08 Mirror Carp from Grebe Lodge
Alan Roberts set a new PB with this 31-08 Mirror from Grebe Lodge.

Alan's stay got a lot better on Tuesday evening when he landed 'Dick' at 45-04. What a fish and a fabulous new PB for Alan, who needless to say was still buzzing about her when he left on Friday morning. A 'trip of a lifetime' is what he said to me!

I will admit to be slightly disappointed about her weight. Dave told me not to be as it appears she had successfully spawned in the summer and will no doubt put on some pounds as she gets on the munch during the autumn. I was hoping she would evade capture until say November when she could have challenged her own PB (lake record) of 49-12. We will see what happens. Alan was delighted with his 40+ club fleece.

Alan Roberts smashed his PB with 'Dick' at 45-04
Alan Roberts smashed his new PB with 'Dick' at 45-04

Alan's lovely wife Pam also sent me this photo of Alan receiving his fleece which I could not resist running. Whilst I know this update is largely about 30's, I loved this shot of a 27lb Mirror caught by Alan. This fantastic Mirror could be a real big one in the future and is worth noting.

Alan receiving his 40+ club fleece from yours truly.
Alan receiving his 40+ club fleece from yours truly.
One for the future! Alan with a 277lb Mirror from Grebe Lodge.
One for the future! Alan with a 27lb Mirror from Grebe Lodge.

Brothers Robert and Damon Morphew stayed in Osprey Lodge this week during their first visit to Cherry Lakes. Amazingly they both joined the 30+ club at the first time of asking. Robert got the ball rolling when he landed this st Mirror of just over 30lb. Another new first time thirty for Cherry Lake. This Carp had a strong hint of Ghost Carp about it, particularly on the top of the head which does not come through in the photo. Robert became the 231st club member with this lovely Carp..

Robert Morphew with his 30lb Mirror from Osprey Lodge
Robert Morphew with his 30lb Mirror from Osprey Lodge

Brother Damon went even better during Thursday evening when he landed our best known Ghost Carp.......'The Peach' at 33-04, pictured being held by Robert accompanied by Damon in the lead photo above. This absolutely fantastic Carp was last out in June when Tackle Box manager Peter Jones caught her at a similar weight of 33-08. Damon is our 232nd club member.

Peter Davies returned to the Cottage with his brother John this week, and they have landed 4 Carp including a Mirror of 31-08.

Dave Merideth with a Fully Scaled Mirror of 30-08 from Heron Lodge
Dave Merideth with a Fully Scaled Mirror of 30-08 from Heron Lodge

Dave Meridith and his lovely wife Tinika are Cherry Lake regulars and until this trip one of the bigger Carp had always evaded him. Dave is 'old school' and refuses to use a bait boat, instead preferring to cast and spod. Dave caught three Carp during his mid week stay with us. He chose to bait fairly heavily and regularly at a distance of around six and a half wraps. Interestingly, as it is quite unusual, both of his two thirties came during the night. His first Carp earned him a Cherry Lake hoody as our 233rd member. He landed 'Pac-man' at 04.00 on Thursday at a weight of 35-02. A new UK PB (I think) .

He followed 'Pac-man' just after mid-night on Friday when he landed this lovely Carp at 30-08, which I also think is another new 30 for us.

This brings our running totals in 2021 to 58 Carp over 30lb including 10 new 30's.

Well done to all the anglers mentioned above.

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