Big Common landed at 37-08

Friday 23 October 2015

We have been waiting for some time for some of the bigger Carp to put in an appearance, so I am delighted to say that the Big Common has been caught from Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake at 37-08.

Dave Bowen was particularly pleased to see her and she looked in great condition as well as fought well. This Common is the current lake record holder at 40-04 which was set when she came out in May. Although down on her pre-spawning weight she is marginally up on her weight of 37-02 when caught by Ben Wales last October. We are hopeful she will be back above the magic 40 when she next comes out.

The successful bait was Cherry Lakes Fruit and Nut boilie fished over a bed of boilies and Hemp at about 60 yards. She was landed at 22.15 at night and gave an absolutely ‘ripping take’.

We are now very hopeful of seeing some of the other bigger 30′s in the bottom of our guests nets!

We have a number of vacancies remaining throughout November, and with prices reducing on 02 November it must be worth going for one of the ‘big girls’ whilst staying in the comfort of one of our luxury Lodges. Please call 01285 968887 or 07545 495881 if you are interested.

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