Bill Osbourne starts 2018 with a bang. A 30-08 PB Cherry Lake Common

Monday 1 January 2018

Firstly……..Happy New Year to everyone. We hope 2018 is a happy healthy and successful year for you and your loved ones and that you catch some great fish.

Cherry Lakes has started 2018 with a bang.

Leading the way has been Bill Osbourne who has been fishing from Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake over the last week. I think it would be fair to say that it has been a bit of a struggle for Bill. A struggle which was made worse by the fact that his father joined him for several days and landed two doubles. However Bill stuck to his guns, and fishing a popped up bit of corn tipped with maggots about 7/8 the way across to the far bank, he finally got a take shortly after dark tonight. The 30-08 Common was certainly worth the wait.

As you can see from the photos below the Common was in great condition and was a PB for Bill. He becomes the first new member of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club in 2018. We are equally excited because this Common has not been caught before above 30lb’s and is a new thirty for us. Well done Bill…..a great way to start 2018. A stunning first Carp of the year for Cherry Lake.

Michael Quinton has spent the new year period in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. Over the last few days he has caught 18 Carp including this stunning Mirror of 26-02 below. A fantastic result for the middle of winter and not surprisingly he is promising to come back later in the year.

It is good to see that the fish being caught are in good conditions and looking terrific in their winter colours. Late November and the run up to Christmas has been a cold period at Cherry Lakes. The lakes have all frozen several times (sometimes despite the aerators as the air temperature dropped to minus 12C), and this is the first time the lakes have frozen before Christmas in the 5 years Cherry Lakes has been open. Needless to say the Carp went ‘missing’ during this period. They have had a good rest.

Since just before Christmas we have had a lot of rain. This has resulted in the surface water temperatures increasing from around 1C to nearly 6C. The lake water levels have also been increasing. This steady increase in water temperatures coupled lowish pressure has caused some of the Carp in Cherry Lake, and many of the Carp in the more heavily stocked smaller lakes to begin feeding again. Unless we get another really cold snap, I expect the winter Carp fishing to continue to be worthwhile for the next 6 weeks or so before really kicking into gear from Mid-February when the increasing light intensity always seems to get them moving.

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