‘Billy the Kid’ is top rod!

Monday 3 August 2015

Cherry Lake certainly sprung back into some form this weekend with all anglers landing Carp with a number also lost at the net.

Simon Fox and his son Billy, who I have nick-named ‘Billy the Kid’ as he looks so young, fished together in the Cottage swim, whilst his two Sisters and his Mum watched DVD’s when not in the hot-tub. Simon landed three Carp including the biggest of the weekend, a 29-06 Mirror. Unfortunately for me, Simon landed this after I had left for work so I don’t have a photo to share with you.

Billy managed to give his Dad a bit of a ‘seeing to’, in that he out scored him 2:1 by landing 6 Carp including his new  PB, a Common of 28-02. Billy was the weekend’s top rod. He also caught some other lovely Carp including this 21-04 Mirror below. As you know I like family and friends shot when fishing at Cherry Lakes, so I could not resist this shot of Billy with his two sisters, Hannah and Libby.

The anglers in Grebe Lodge  (4 carp to 26-08) and Osprey Lodge (3 carp to 26lb) also did well alongside Anthony Toon in Heron who landed two Carp including this very nice 24lb Mirror below.

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