Nick Jones with his impressive Common of 26-08 from Cherry Mere

Birthday boy Nick Jones early birthday present!

Fishery manager Dave 'sneaks' into an empty Grebe Lodge to land a fantastic young Linear.
Thursday 31 March 2022

Some good fish to report this week from all of the lakes being fished.

Both Cherry Springs and Cherry Mere have reported to date (Thursday afternoon) a dozen Carp and eight Carp respectively, while the running count for two anglers on Cherry Lake is 5.

The star of the week on Cherry Lake has been Nathan Caldicott who has been braving the cold fishing from the Cherry Lake Cottage swim. After a blank 48 hours, Nathan switched to the more central , mid water, areas of his swim. He also moved onto bottom baits and away from pop ups. An inspired move, because he has landed 4 Carp to 29-04 in less than 24 hours. With a cold northerly wind and snow showers, I think he has the chance of one or two more because he is nicely fishing on the back of the wind.

Nathan Caldicott 29-04.JPG
Nathan Caldicott with his 29-04 Common caught from the Cherry Lake Cottage swim

Fishery manager Dave Bowen took advantage of an empty Grebe Lodge to do a couple of days fishing and thoroughly enjoyed his time off. The highlight was this stunning Linear Mirror, see below, of just over 25lb. A young healthy looking Carp and what a cracker. I think this is one of our 'babies' (C7/8?) coming through. A bio-cream wafter doing the trick for Dave.

I appreciate that our on-line availability calendar is not easy to use when searching for the odd vacancies, so to be helpful I have listed the remaining vacancies over the next few months for Cherry Lake

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Dave Bowen with a terrific 25lb Linear Mirror
Fishery manager Dave Bowen with an impressive linear of 25lb from Grebe Lodge

Nick Jones has been on his first visit to Cherry Lakes this week. He was staying in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere to celebrate his birthday.

His tally to date is 8 Carp including three over 20lb+, including this really good looking Common of 26-08 pictured in the lead photo above. Almost unbelievably he caught the Common within 30 minutes of starting and before he had got all his rods out. As it was actually on his birthday, I think the Carp angling gods were very favourably looking down on him!

Nick's Common continues a good run of big Commons from Cherry Mere (see previous posts).

Jack Bristow with a 23-06 Mirror from Cherry Springs
Jack Bristow with a 23-06 Mirror from Cherry Springs

Father and son team Steve and Jack Bristow have been spending this week in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. They have been doing well with a current 'scores on the door' of 12 Carp which includes a couple of twenties each. As well as landing the biggest to date (see Jack in the picture above holding a 23-06 Mirror), Jack is the 'top rod' thanks to the fact he has also caught a Tench! Dad Steve is not taking it too badly and was clearly very pleased with this heavily scaled Mirror below

Steve Bristow. 22lb.jpg
Steve Bristow with a good looking Mirror of 22lb from Cherry Springs
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