Birthday boy Steven lands a 23-12 from the Cottage

Saturday 25 March 2017

Steven Blackhurst spent this week in the Cottage with his family celebrating his birthday. Up until last night his week was very frustrating (as well as a bit wet), particularly on Tuesday when there was a lot of Carp showing in his swim. I am pleased to report that he landed a lovely little Ghost Mirror of around 5lb (this is a Cherry Lakes ‘born’ Carp some of which are now starting to come through) followed on Friday morning (his actual birthday) by this lovely 23-12 Mirror below.

Steven worked hard trying a number of spots as well as different tactics. Small clips of maggots over a mix, I believe, of pellets and maggots eventually proving to be the successful method.

Ian Campbell spent the week in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Lake with his friend James Laybourn-Morris. The Carp were as moody as the weather and sound like they were quite difficult. However within 30 minutes on Wednesday morning ‘two buses’ in the shape of a 15-04 and then a 20-04 Mirror Carp came along.

The vegetation around the lakes is now showing the first signs of life, and with the Daffodils in full bloom, Cherry Lakes is beginning to look more like its beautiful self. The Carp are more obviously on the move. Cold days are now only slowing them down for a bit rather than stopping them for days at end. Spring is here!

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