Blue Moon 3

Blue Moon and 'El Scorchio'!

Keeley and Darren Greenhalgh share 27 Carp in a weekend from Cherry Springs
Friday 8 September 2023

The very hot high pressure conditions have been tough this week and it gives me a chance to cover a couple of recent visits which I should have written about last week.

The Sheen family stayed in the Cottage just over a week ago and celebrated Danny's birthday in style. Initially it was brother Josh Sheen who landed the biggest Carp, breaking his PB twice with a Common of 31-08 followed a Mirror of 32-04.

Having first impressively captured the recent 'Blue Moon' in the great atmospheric photo above, Danny finished in style when he also caught his PB, a Mirror of 36-08, pictured below. This particular Carp has obviously been on 'a diet' since it was last caught in April (pre-spawning) by Tom Nixon-Taylor at 40-08. It seemed healthy enough and I would expect it to gain weight from here.

Danny Sheen 36-04 L
Danny Sheen with his new PB, a 36-03 Mirror. Pictured here in the Cottage swim with his sons Ruben and Toby.

As mentioned above, fishing sine we started September has been much more challenging. Shane Smith however bucked the trend when he fished on Cherry Mere this week. He reported a fantastic return under the circumstances of 29 Carp landed to 25-08.

Meanwhile long term regular David Lee, was top rod on Cherry Lake with a very creditworthy return of 5 Carp from Heron Lodge. Of these two were over 30lb, the first a Common of 33-02 followed by his new Cherry Lake PB, a Mirror of 36-03, pictured below.

Although very distinctive, I could not see this particular Carp in my 30+ catalogue for the last two years since Simon Littmoden caught her at 34-08 in 2021. I have a feeling someone has caught her during this period, but I must have missed her for my catalogue.

The running total for the number of different Carp caught over 30lb+ now stands at 73. I have long since given up on Common's to avoid the risk of double counting. The only additions now coming from Mirror's which are so much easier to identify with half decent photos.

David Lee. 36-02 L
David Lee with his new Cherry Lake PB. A Mirror of 36-03 from Heron Lodge

I remain very confused why our diary is almost full for September and yet we have all three Cherry Lake Lodges available for Monday 25 to Friday 29th September.

If you fancy a trip, you could probably get a good deal out of me! Please call 0128 869887 to 'twist my arm'!

25-08 keeley
Keeley Greenhalgh with a chunky Cherry Springs Mirror of 25-08

Darren (Daz) and Keely Greenhalgh spent the August bank holiday weekend and had a great time. Cherry Springs has been fishing consistently well through the summer, and this continued to be the case for their visit. They kindly sent me some photos as well as their list of captures. I have simply transferred the images here as the capture list speaks for itself.

Part one of Darren and Keeley's capture list
The second part of their weekend haul from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs.!

Just in case you don't want to do the Maths.......they had 6 twenties, 14 doubles and the rest recently stocked beautiful single figure Carp. The ratio of Carp over 20lb being 1:5 rather than our target 1:10. Typical of the returns we have been seeing this year.

Well done to all the anglers here and many thanks to all our guests for sending photos and catch reports through, especially if I have not used them here.

Darren. 26-10 Common from Cherry Springs
Daz with the biggest of the weekend from Cherry Springs. a 26-10 Common
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