Boilie thief caught red-handed! Hard photographic evidence!

Friday 25 August 2017

Caroline Tighe and Steven Wallis have been on a return visit to Cherry Lakes this week.  They last visited us in August 2014 when they stayed in the old fishing hut (we replaced in with Egret Lodge in May 2015). Caroline on her last visit was I think the first person to successfully photograph a Kingfisher on her rods. A photograph which we have used many times since.

This week they have been staying in our largest Lodge, Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. As well as catching 8 Carp over 10lb, including a Ghost Common of 20-10 and a Mirror of 18-07 (both pictured below), Caroline has been showing her skills as a keen opportunistic photographer. I absolutely love both of the photos below, and I hope you like them too.

The first captures the beauty of Cherry Lakes with a cracking dawn shot over Cherry Mere (Pochard Lodge faces east). A real Carp fishers atmospheric dawn. It makes you want to get your rods out.

The second catches a boilie thief red-handed! This hedgehog clearly likes the Cherry Lakes Supreme Fish boilies. I am however assured that the Hedgehog did not eat too many and was actually a welcome visitor at 03.30. What a great photo! We have a good and growing population of Hedgehogs within Cherry Lakes. We are not sure how they got in (maybe several have always lived here), but the fact that we have an ‘Otter proof fence all around Cherry Lakes (which keeps out other animals such as Rabbits and Deer)  keeps the Hedgehogs in and keeps them safe. With the absence of predators, and killers such as cars, and plenty of food….the population is growing. At a time when the population of Hedgehogs is falling nationally it is nice to think that this cute little animal is doing well here.

Caroline thanks for all the photos, and I look forward to more great photos when you and Steven next visit. I just hope we don’t have to wait another three years!

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