Brian Keane joins the Cherry Lake 30+ club

Friday 22 April 2016

Returning guest Brian Keane was over the moon this morning when I saw him (regular readers will know that I am working away in the week), because he had smashed his UK PB with a 31-04 Mirror Carp from Grebe Lodge. He was also wearing his 30+ club Polo shirt with pride because he had just become the latest member of this exclusive club. This Carp was caught from just off the far bank reeds at about 90 yards.

The fishing across the Cherry Lakes complex has been slower than we have been seeing recently and would expect at this time of the year. High pressure, cold winds and clear nights are really not helping. Sunny days were enjoyed by the anglers partners even if it did not do wonders for the fishing!   I am pleased to say though that all the anglers on Cherry Lake did at least manage to grind  out at least one Carp.

Graham Schweitzer, who was also on his second visit to Cherry Lake, this time in Osprey Lodge, managed two and lost one, including this heavily plated Mirror of 22-08 below. All of his action came from the area which Dave Bowen had heavily baited for him on arrival (as part of the pre-baiting service that we are trialing). This suggests to me that the Carp were responding to the baited area and regularly returning to feed. Under different pressure conditions I would have expected more action.

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