Brian Hamilton with a 24lb Mirror from Pochard Lodge

Brian's 24lb Mirror christens the new website!

With the weather warming we are now offering Spod Mix earlier than usual
Thursday 21 March 2019

Brian Hamilton sent me through this picture of a nice 24lb he caught recently from Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. As it has been such a quiet week, the gloomy still days here have slowed the fishing down, I thought I would use it. The first post on the new website. Well done Brian.

Whilst it has been still and gloomy, the conditions have been fairly mild here in south Gloucestershire.. The water temperature was around 10C this morning. High for mid-March and a real contrast to last years snow and the 'Beast from the East'.. Normally we stop feeding and selling our Spod/Bait Boat mix between 1st November to 31 March. However given it has been milder than usual, and we have hit the 10C mark earlier than expected, we have started to make Spod Mix available and have started to feed with it.

Spod Mix 2
Spod/Bait Boat mix: Yummy!

Our Spod mix is full of goodies which all the fish seem to love. It contains Hempseed, Maples, Conditioner, Flaked Maize, Wheat, Rolled Barley and Sweetcorn. If you are visiting Cherry Lakes over the coming months it is well worth ordering. At £30 for an 8KG bucket we think it is good value and it is always properly prepared for you . Please remember that along with many other fisheries, we do not allow particles from outside to be used at Cherry Lakes.

We have the following vacancies over the next few weeks. If you fancy a late break please give me a call on 01285 869887

Monday 25-29 March. Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool.

Monday 01-05 April. Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere

Monday 08-12 April. Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake. Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool.

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