Cameron and Paul score on Cherry Lake!

Friday 17 June 2016

I will confess to be getting quite sick of all the rain and the up and down weather. Hot and sticky one minute and then heavy rain the next. No wonder the Caper are moody. Having said that they are also feeding when it suits them.

As many experienced carp anglers will no doubt have noticed in the past, Carp and particularly the bigger females, can get moody and appear to go off the feed after spawning. Somme people think this is because the Carp gorge themselves on their recently laid spawn! This tendency to feed in spurts, and the up and down weather, is certainly leading to very different results across Cherry Lakes this week.

Liverpool football star Cameron Brannaghan has been staying in Osprey Lodge this week with his good friend James. They found they had two good days when the fish seemed to switch on and a quiet time in between. They also suffered a number of lost fish, which is typical at this time of the year when the Carp seem to have softer mouths after spawning. They had Carp five  to 24lb, the largest two to Cameron which are pictured before. Well done guys, we hope to see you back next year. Good luck Cameron for the coming football season.

The manager of well known Dartford based tackle shop, The Tackle Box, Peter Jones has spent a week’s holiday with his wife Angela in Heron Lodge. They used Cherry Lakes as a base to explore the Cotswolds with some fishing in between! Peter managed to catch 7 Carp to mid-twenties and lost  a few. He mainly fished over pellet casting to short and near marks. Peter and Angela, despite the weather, very much enjoyed their week, and we look forward to seeing them back here with us next year.

This week’s star performance came from Paul Blake in Grebe Lodge. Paul who was returning with his lovely and heavily pregnant wife Rachael (who was given strict orders not to ‘produce’ during their stay) managed 15 Carp including 10 in less than 24 hours. Paul did an excellent job of exploiting the opportunity when the Carp switched on. He even ran out of bait. We look forward to the good news from Paul and Rachael any day soon.

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