Cameron Brannaghan lands Cherry Lakes 10th different 40+

He also lands a heavily scaled Mirror of 35-10
Tuesday 22 November 2022

Oxford United football star Cameron Brannaghan managed a few days on Cherry Lake staying in Grebe Lodge and was delighted with his initial results. Within 24 hours or so of starting, Cameron first landed this cracking heavily scaled Mirror of 35-10 below. He followed up with this fantastic Mirror of 41lb, see above. Small high visibility dumbbell wafters did the trick for Cameron

Fishery manager Dave phoned me up (typically I was not there to see it first hand) to say that Cameron had landed a new forty which he went on to weigh it at 41lb. I know this Carp as the ‘Dark Mirror’, and from memory, it has not been caught above 37lb before. This is most certainly one of our Carp which I would love to catch, even more so now it is above the magic 40lb threshold.

I can remember how excited we were in the past to get our first, 30, 40 and 50, as well as to record ten different 30’s. Well we are even more excited to record our tenth different Carp of 2022 above 40lb+. I know there are a good few more to come!

Cameron’s fist Carp was this impressive heavily scaled Mirror at 35-02 from Grebe Lodge.

I have mentioned that the Cherry Lake Carp have done extremely well this year. The combination of a long hot summer, anglers bait and our on-going feeding programme is clearly working. All of our Carp are looking in good condition (and mirroring me) carrying a good bit of weight into the winter

Another good example of the Cherry Lake Carp growing in weight is provided below by Leslie Crawford who sent me this photo of the biggest of his Carp caught during a successful recent visit to Cherry Lake. This beautiful Carp weighed in at 36-08. The last time I recollect seeing it was when caught by Andrew Perkins last year at 32-08.

Leslie Crawford with a stunning Cherry Lake mirror of 36-08

There have been some good catches from the other lakes, but unfortunately I have not kept up to date with the detail. I did however get a photo and a kind e mail from Ian Hughes who had a good time last weekend in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. Amongst his catch was his first Cherry Lake 30+, this 33-08 Mirror pictured below.

Ian Hughes with a 33-08 Cherry Mere Mirror. His first Cherry Lakes 30+
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