Cameron Branaghan. 31-08 L

Cameron Brannaghan lands three more 30's

Shane Smith bags up on Cherry Mere
Sunday 26 March 2023

Oxford United football star and Cherry Lake regular Cameron Brannaghan took advantage of the football International break, and late availability in Grebe Lodge, to visit Cherry Lake this weekend. So far he has landed 5 Carp since Friday afternoon, two 28's (Commons) and three thirties.

Cameron whilst looking around on Friday afternoon thought he spotted a fin/tail breaking the surface in the corner along from Grebe Lodge. Great fish spotting as he was off the mark with the first 28lb Common within 5 minutes!. As they say 5 minutes in the right spot is worth more than a whole week in the wrong spot!

He followed this up a couple of hours later with this lovely Ghost Mirror of 31-08 pictured in the lead photo above. At the time Cameron's biggest Ghostie from the lake. I was very pleased to get the call and pop around to see this beauty making her first visit of the year to the bank..

Cameron Brannaghan with a 34-02 Common from Grebe Lodge.
Cameron Brannaghan with a 34-02 Common from Grebe Lodge.

During the early hours of Sunday, probably just as the clocks had gone forward for British Summer Time (hurray!), Cameron got a fast take and after a good fight landed this Common above of 34-02. His second Ghost Carp of the weekend setting a new Ghost Carp best for himself again!

At midday whilst on my rounds I noticed that Cameron was in again and got to him in time to do the 'honours' with the landing net. The result was this stunning Cotswold classic looking Linear Mirror Carp of 30-08, pictured below. I think this lovely fish is a male and has been caught at this weight in each of the the last few years. Obviously a fish which wants 'to keep its figure' and not get too fat!

Cameron's three different 30's all are new entries in this year's 30's+ catalogue. So far I have recorded 18 different Carp over 30lb. Of these 4 are new 30's, with a further three over the 40lb+ mark.

Well done Cameron, excellent angling as normal.

Cameron Brannaghan with a 'classic Cotswolds looking' Mirror carp of 30-08
Cameron Brannaghan with a 'classic Cotswolds looking' Mirror Carp of 30-08

Regular Shane Smith spent some time in Pochard Lodge this weekend and has also done very well. At the time of writing (Sunday afternoon) Shane had landed 16 Carp including 7 over 20lb's. The biggest this 27lb Mirror pictured below.

Shanes approach was to bait with crushed boilies and pellets and certainly got the Carp on the feed. Well done Shane.

Shane Smith with a 27lb Mirror from Cherry Mere
Shane Smith with a 27lb Mirror from Cherry Mere
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