The Campions have a great week

Friday 6 April 2018

An odd week across Cherry Lakes with both Cherry Lake and Cherry Springs being disappointingly slow despite what seemed to be good conditions. First the good news and then a bit of a frustrated moan!

Marc and Leigh-Anne Came some or our most regular returning guests and it is always a pleasure to have then stay at Cherry Lakes. This time they chose to stay in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. Over the course of the week they caught some 33 Carp and 3 Tench. Leigh-Ann increased her PB to 22-04 with this Mirror below, and you can see how delighted she was in doing so. I am pleased to report that this was caught on one of the Cherry Lake Bio-Cream Boilies.

The fish of the week in my eyes was not the 32lb Cherry Lake Common (see below) but an absolutely stunning Ghost Mirror of 4-12 caught by Marc Campion. This beautiful Carp looks like a wood carving made from Marble. What fantastic colouring and markings AND it is home grown here at Cherry Lakes. Given it is the first time I have seen this particular Ghostie it was the high point of the week for me. Marc also caught this beautifully scaled Mirror of 21-04 below. Well done to you both.

Sarah Scrase and Brendan Norris also had a good week, this time on Cherry Pool. They both caught lots of Carp to around 15lb and enjoyed it so much they have already booked again for next year.

Kieran Setchell was on his first visit to Cherry Lakes this week when he stayed in Osprey Lodge. Just like I do to all anglers at the moment on Cherry Lake, I ask them to call me if they land a big Carp, especially if it is over 30lb. I even have retainers out at the moment for this purpose.

When I saw Kieran on Tuesday afternoon, he had a big smile on his face to say he had just caught a  32lb Common. He said he did not call because he did not want to bother me and wanted to get the fish back quickly!!!  As you can see from the photo below the shot is not a good one and because there were no photos of the other side of this Common I am unable to identify this fish. I cannot tell you how frustrated I was (am) by being out around the lakes and not to get a call. If you get a big Carp please please always call me or fishery manager Dave Bowen as we will help you get good quality photos as well as help with weighing.

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