Carp Fishing Holiday Magic for Alex and Terry on Cherry Springs!

Sunday 17 April 2016

Alex Cox and Terry Borghys have just spent a week’s holiday in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. As you can see below they had a great week.

Alex had said to me before he came that as he had not had a chance to go fishing much over the last year ‘he wanted to get his rod bent’. Normally he would have booked a lake like Cherry Lake, but as a holiday was in order ‘action’ was the order of the day! Well they certainly had action!

Alex and Terry shared a 42 Carp catch almost equally. The vast majority of these Carp were doubles and included five twenties. They both had Carp up to 26lb. Terry indeed managed to break his Personal Best four times culminating with the 26-02 Mirror below. They used a Baitboat to ensure they fully exploited all of Cherry Springs and were able to keep in contact with the Carp as they moved around.

Our winter stocking policy is clearly showing through. We stocked 10 twenties into Cherry Spring to increase the likelihood of a twenty being caught. Given the large stock of Carp, our aim is to get it to, hopefully, one twenty in every 10 Carp caught. Alex and Terry certainly passed this target ratio.

The recently stocked Carp have fed throughout the winter, have settled down and are clearly up in weight. The four largest Carp below come from these stockings. It was good to see the fifth Carp below, Alex’s 20lb Mirror. This Carp was stocked into Cherry Springs in November 13 at 12lb.

Alex and Terry have promised to return next year with their mates! See you then for more holiday Carp fishing magic  and well done guys.

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